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Wellness in the Workplace

Posted May 15 2010 11:32am

Managing workplace stress is an on-going challenge for any busy professional or small business owner.  More and more wellness programs are being offered as incentives for employees to help mitigate stress levels and improve well-being in the workplace.  Buck Consulting put out a global survey of 600 organizations in 25 countries conducted last year found that workplace wellness programs are growing globally and doubling what was implemented last year, particularly in North America.  In another study conducted by investigators at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) it was found that nearly two out of three American adults say they don’t engage in routine exercise, “possibly because of demands of work and family.” Despite the benefits of regular exercise, it’s easy to not put our self care and well-being as the priority.

While it’s wonderful that the benefits of wellness programs and services are on the rise in this country, many worksites don’t have access to these programs and services.  Therefore, here are some helpful tips you can implement into your work day to help put your health and wellness at the top of the list.

1. Manage your Time

Many  of us will start the day off by going right to the computer or blackberry before really setting our intention of what would be best for us that day.  We spend so much time on our computers everyday and often don’t give ourselves time to write down or organize what has priority.  Allow yourself to center in on your breath and then take 5 minutes writing out what would feel really good to get accomplished this day.

2.  Relax

Our eyes are open most of the day at work focusing on some work task, but our eyes often need a rest.  Take your hands together and rub them together generating heat.  Then invite the eyes to close and place your cupped hands over your eyes.  While your eyes are closed, take 10 deep breaths in and out and allow your body to relax.  You can do this practice as much as you need to throughout the day.

3.  Focus on the Present

In times like these when the impermanence our of our world feels quite pressing we can slow down and just breathe.  In our country,  we are battling job losses and now hoping for the best with an extreme oil spill that will affect many peoples quality of life and occupations.  These types of events can often have us spin into worrying about the future.  However, if we can remember to breathe even in these times of instability, we can find solace in our breath.  The breath is a connection to ourselves, our bodies, and the strength we can derive by being grounded in what is.   If we are to make healthy decisions and actions about our future, we first need to be grounded in what is and react from a conscious place of intention.

In addition, to using our breath to help us balance our minds we can also cultivate a gratitude practice.  When life is hard, we may not think there is anything to feel grateful for, but often in that same moment if we look a little further we can often find just as many things that we do appreciate.

Intuitive Wellness offers an integrative model of health and wellness solutions for the for individuals, small groups, and organizations.  For more information on services to aid in your or your organizations health and well-being, please visit us at

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