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well, that didn’t work. {rain delay}

Posted Feb 05 2010 12:00am

Oh Friday, I’m soooo happy to see you. I am, however, quite disappointed in the weather that you’ve brought with you. {boooo! hisss!}

Designer Husband arranged to work from home today just so that we could travel home to my parents for the weekend. But, by the time he got home from the office last night, the weather was already starting to get to that less-than-desirable driving conditions stage… especially for road trips.

It’s been pouring rain non stop here, and my parents (who live over 4 hours north of us) are getting rain, snow & ice. Neat.

I’m ridiculously home sick, and as much as I want to be there right now… I’d rather not chance driving through parts of their state that are expecting 12″-16″ of snow. Nope.

On the upside, Hubs worked from our home office today, so it was nice spending time with him. Well, that is, after I finally crawled out of bed at 2:34pm. Yes, I seriously just said P.M. – that was NOT a typo.  I have the to thank for that one. Yea, I went back and read that post today. Sad to say, I don’t really recall writing any of it. OH WELL!

While he worked and did a bunch of important things and talked to, what sounded like, a bunch of important people on the phone – I took care of my own priorities…

Oh… most importantly today….

I signed up for DailyBooth !! YAY! – I’ve been wanting to do that for, like, a week now!

What is DB you ask?

Essentially, you take a pic of yourself every day… you know, a *daily* photo *booth*. Not really sure what the point is, but seemed fun. I added a widget that I made over on the left… it’s the “This is What I Look Like Today” thing. Narcisstic much?

Like I said, I’ve wanted to sign up for Daily Booth for a while… but now that I have, that’s all I could figure out to do with it. Here’s my pic from today:

Honestly, I didn’t think this out too well. I could have at least showered {or even brushed my hair} before deciding to snap my VERY FIRST DailyBooth pic. I guess I was just in the moment though. Grizzabella? Yea, she wasn’t so much in the moment. She was asleep on my lap before I picked her up to squish her for a pic. So yea, this was pretty much the highlight of my day.

The rain didn’t let up. Ever. I kept hoping that it might break by tomorrow so that we can at least travel to my parents for just a bit.


Oh, in other good news – I FINALLY got my blogroll started. You can find it here on the left :) I have tons of awesome blogs that I stalk, and I’m making my way through my and picking out my favs. If you have a blog and think it’d be a fabulous addition to my blogroll, just comment here and I’ll check it out! Also, if you have a blog and know that it’s one that I already love…. remind me so I don’t leave you out! :)

Now that it looks like I’ll be spending the weekend here at home, I need to come up with some plans. Here’s what I’m thinking:


  • Head to the fabric store to buy fabric to reupholster my bench
  • Earth Fare for much needed groceries
  • Go to Target because I have an unused gift card
  • Buy something for my cousins baby shower
  • Manicure - desperately needed!


  • Neighborhood shopping with hubs. {I want to be in a new house by November, and have no idea where}
  • Rearrange the living room
  • Buy new rug for said living room
  • Ikea
  • Buy supplies for Valentines Day craft project <3

That’s pretty much all I have right now. I mean, my to-do list is ever growing… and I don’t think I even mentioned one single thing that’s on it…. but that’s just about all that I want to do this weekend.

What are your weekend plans? Anything fabulous going on? Share with me!

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