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Posted Dec 29 2012 1:21am
Welcome to my blurbs about anything and everything that I am passionate about.

Real Simple Healthy Living for You  was created and founded as a resource for others who are looking to simplify their lives and to create a harmonious and peaceful way of living through the physical, emotional, and spiritual plane of existence.

Real Simple Healthy Living for You is dedicated to raising the awareness of nutrition, fitness, illness, health, and wellness issues for improving your mind, body, spirit, as I have seen the improvement in my own life on my mind, body, and spirit.

Real Simple Healthy Living for You is also dedicated to the physical, emotional, and spiritual health to maintain your sense of you.

I believe if we live real, it keeps us grounded.
I believe if we live simple, we have less clutter in our lives.
I believe if we live healthy, we ultimately feel great.
I believe if you live for you, you are finally putting yourself first.

I started this site simply for the reason that my own health is poor and as I am slowly working towards a healthier lifestyle; I decided to start sharing it with the world with the hopes of inspiring someone else's life in a positive way; through living a real, simple, and healthy lifestyle but ultimately living for you.

Having learned from my mistakes and realizing the impact it has had on my emotional, physical and spiritual health; it was time to make a change and so Real Simple Healthy Living for You was born.

My site is based on the belief that people's health is of the utmost importance in today's world. I am committed to meeting these needs in the best way possible by sharing information regarding health, nutrition, fitness, wellness, illness, recipes, relationships, parenting and life in general.

Now the latest and greatest news is:

I started adding organizing tips to Real Simple Healthy Living for You simply to teach and inspire others on how to go from chaos to organization in their personal and professional lives. I teach by example as my own life in the home and office is efficienct, organized and simplified.

I hope Real Simple Healthy Living for You blog inspires you to look around and discover fun and interesting ideas to help you in simplifying your life and to follow your passion so you can be thriving and having fun too.

As I am now broadening my horizons, I will start doing book and product reviews, so my dears, please read on:

Before you email me with a product pitch, please take a moment or two to familiarize yourself with my blog and my family. My son is age 17 going on 18 in his Junior year of High School and I have two Persian cats. I am very much into healthy living, as you can see for yourself by my articles found on this blog.

I will only post reviews of products or books I have personally tested or read.

In addition, to receiving a product or book to review, even if I asked you in an email to send me a sample, does not guarantee coverage on Real Simple Healthy Living for You. Please do not ask me to post press releases or ask if I want to interview experts, I don’t have time to do either of those.

All products sent must be non-returnable unless you want them back covered in cat hair! :)

The best way to get my honest opinion of your business, website or brand and its products is to sponsor a product review. Let me choose a few items from your site so that I can see how the ordering process works, how the items are packaged, and the quality of the items you carry.

I find that being able to see products and or books for myself helps me write a much more thorough and honest opinion. I want to help you spread the word about your business, site and the products you carry!

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your precious day and visiting Real Simple Healthy Living for You, an everyday lifestyle resource that celebrates people, creativity, simplicity and diversity.

Blessings always and forever,

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