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Posted Jun 03 2009 12:00am
I like to think I am a modern girl. I am not a modern girl in the way you may think though. I do not work 60 hours a week, sip cocktails with my girlfriends every night bitching about men or think that the number of shoes in my wardrobe is a reflection of who I really am. Although I am a model, work as a consultant in the fashion industry, love catching up with my girlfriends and love being busy.
My motives for saying that I am a modern girl reside in the fact that:
a) I believe we, as individuals, need to make changes to help our planet and ourselves (which I'm sure is becoming fashionable)
b) I am vegan
c) I have come to the realization that life is to be enjoyed rather than working a thousand hours a week in order to retire nicely (you could call it a quarter-life crisis if you like, but I'm quite sure I'm not the only one coming to this conclusion)
d) I have been diagnosed with Lymphoma (definitely a product of this modern world that we live in)

This diagnosis has led me down a path of research into what's good for you, it's given me perspective to choose to do what I want with this life and I couldn't find anything on the net that made me feel like someone else was in the same position as me. All of the health blogs and cancer survivor blogs seem to be written by old ladies for old ladies. I am 24. I work in fashion and marketing, I still go out for dinner with my girlfriends and I am interested in anything natural to help myself get through this.

I strongly believe that our bodies are amazing and can heal whatever ailments we have created. I also know how scary it can be to find out that you are unwell and we often are so scared that we will do whatever is recommended by whoever is closest to us at the time. HOWEVER, I think it is so important to do your own research and above all, listen to your heart. You know what feels right for you. You just have to stop and listen for a moment. Well that's what I have found anyway. The conventional methods of curing cancer seem barbaric to me. But I am lucky that I am not in a life-threatening situation, and if there are no other options, then I will go down that path. But there are so many other options! And I am getting better. So I hope that this can inspire people to do what feels right for them and not what is right for the scared people around them. And that goes for anything and anyone - be strong enough to do what feels good for you!

Thanks for reading!

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