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Welcome 2013!

Posted Jan 01 2013 11:08pm
Happy New Year!  Here's hoping you had a fun celebration last night and that the first day of our new year was a good one for you.

Ahh 2012.  Felt kinda good to say goodbye to you last night and welcome in a whole new year ahead.  The past year brought me so many awesome highs but also a few very surprising lows.  I learned so much about myself and who I am as a friend, a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter.  I set tons of goals, achieved many and didn't even come close to some.  2012 was a very mixed bag that wasn't at all what I expected but that brought me more than I could have hoped for.

New Years Day was pretty low-key around here.  Instead of running, I decided to volunteer for the Running Room Resolution Run (and almost missed marshalling the very first runner!  Oops) I then spent the rest of the day un-Christmasing the house.  As much as I adore having the Christmas decorations up (probably why I put them up in early November) I really love the fresh feeling of getting them all taken down and packed away.  It feels good to have the house back to normal and looking all clean and uncluttered.

I have to come clean and also admit that I spent a fair amount of my day reading everyone's statuses, tweets and even a blog post or two about their resolutions and fresh starts to 2013.  It's inspiring and motivating for me to see what everyone else is striving for in the coming year.

But you won't see me doing any of that this year.  Well, not at least for a couple weeks anyway.

Even though the calendar has turned and we're nearing the end of the first day of 2013, I just can't set any new goals yet.  For me, my year ends on January 15 when I return from Florida.  Every single day of 2012 I have looked forward to and have poured my heart and soul into training for the Goofy Challenge and until I've crossed those finish lines I can't even begin to think of anything else.

So no resolutions, no intentions (is "resolution" passe for 2013?), no goals, no plans, no strategies, no all-encompassig-power words to guide me through the next year.  Nope.  My only anything at this point is to get my butt down to Walt Disney World next week and run my heart out for the 5k, half marathon and full marathon.  I want to absorb and enjoy every moment and smile every step of the way.

And that sounds like a good plan for 2013 to me!
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