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Posted Feb 09 2013 8:40am

I am just getting weirder and weirder.

I don't mean that as an insult; I actually like myself (most days). I love my life (most days). I just mean, well...if 18-year-old Me would meet Today Me, I'm not even sure what she'd (I'd) think.

I am practicing to be a vegan. (I'm not one, but I'd like to be.)

I don't go to a conventional church; instead I share a meal with a few other families and meet in our homes on a rotating basis.

I don't work out regularly; instead, exercise seems to come in phases when I feel like I need it most.

I write a blog about compensating farmers and workers family for the food I eat. (I didn't give this kind of thing ONE. LITTLE. THOUGHT ten years ago.)

I just accepted a job that on the surface, looks like I'll be working for a grocery store (but is a company I LOVE and whose values are right up my alley).

Tim and I are probably done having biological children, but I'm still going to get the mish-mosh family of my dreams through fostering and adoption.

I'm pretty much committed to not buying any new clothes this year and instead getting them from secondhand stores.

I'm big on making regular face-to-face connections these days, but I met one of my close friends on the internet (and still have yet to meet her in person!).

There you have it; most of what I'm up to in the world these days. Now maybe future posts will make more sense:-).

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