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Weight vs Height Values Sometimes are Correct

Posted Apr 17 2010 11:04am

This Monday my daughter went to her 6 years old check up. She was weighted, measured and did the vision test. In one year she gained 6 kilos (13,2 pounds) and the nurse said it was too much weight gain in one year. She really scared me by telling me that my daughter’s diet had to be supervised because she could be obese in a near future. I was really scared with the idea and told the nurse that I would follow her instruction.

Usually, this routine check ups are followed by a doctor appointment in the same day. When I entered in the doctor’s office I immediately told her what the nurse had told me. The doctor said: Uau…13,2 pounds in one year between the age of 5 and 6 really is too much. Than she check my daughter’s book (where all medical data is) and she immediately said: Well, she’s not fat nor gaining weight too fast. She grew 10 cm (3.9″) in one year and the height versus weight is just fine. She increased 13,2 pounds but she also grew in the same proportion. She is just fine in the final chart, she can be taller and heavier than other kids her age but because of her genes.

When comparing my son’s data at the same age my daughter is slightly taller so everything is fine. It just show us that she is not going to be like her two grandmothers, who are small. :)

This gives us a warn. Sometime kids seem they are gaining too much weight but we always have to take the height factor to compare. Of course this is different when we are talking about adults that already have their established height, but the gain factor should always be taking into consideration before trying to find the top diet pill .

Here is a video, weight related, for those that think they are too fat or too skinny.

Anorexia Y BulimiaFunny videos are here
Creative Commons License photo credit: dno1967

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