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Weight Q’s and A’s

Posted Aug 02 2010 4:11pm


Another busy day here! First off I had a little cardio warm up on my way to the I was driving and all of a sudden I see a car T-bone another car right in front of me. This was my first wreck to witness (I’ve only been in one, and I was the one who rear ended them but that’s a different story!) Anyway, as a nurse I am required to help if needed. So, the guy that got hit like jumps or flies out of the car and is laying on the ground on his back with his arms and legs spread out and wasn’t moving! So I got out of my car to see if he was ok. I thought I was going to have to do CPR..ahh! But luckily he was fine. Now that I think about it he was probably being a little over dramatic but nonetheless it was an interesting morning!

Still got in a good Quads/Glutes workout.. it was similar to last Monday’s workout with a few rep increases if anyone is interested.

So another busy day means lack of pictures! I thought I would answer some questions though regarding my last post. By the way THANK YOU for all your sweet comments on my pictures. They all made my day, and of course motivate me to keep going! My body isn’t exactly what I want yet, but I am proud of what I have achieved so far!

So here’s some questions and my answers (I added some extra info too):

“how heavy did you need to start lifting before you noticed results? did you start with lighter dumbbells or were you already able to lift a lot more when you first started? i hope these aren’t dumb questions or that you haven’t answered them before! i prefer to use dumbbells than machines (but i do both) but even though i feel like they are “heavy” for me, my question is, is there sort of a minimum that you would need to get any sort of result?”

This is a question I get a lot and I actually had when I first started out as well! But the truth is, our muscles don’t know the number on the dumbbell. All that matters is that it’s heavy for YOU! But doing high reps will get you no where. I started seeing results when I lifted heavy- meaning that I picked a weight that would only allow me to do 8 reps, and I would fail on the 9th one. (Meaning I can’t lift anymore). Put all your effort to it, choose a challenging weight, eat, and you’ll get the results you want! For example, 7 months ago I was doing 15 pound dumbbell shoulder presses and that was heavy for me. Now, 32.5′s are heavy for me. It’s all about lifting what YOU can, and making it heavy for you!

“would you contribute more of your progress to your diet or to your lifting? also, i know you have increased calories, but how has your diet changed? fewer carbs? more protein? did you used to eat processed, packaged food? i would love to hear about the diet side of it! thank you”

I attribute it mainly to lifting and the increased calories. My diet really hasn’t changed much- a bit more protein to help with the muscle growth but other than that nothing different! I never ate processed foods- my diet was very clean when those before photos were taken. Just not enough food, not enough lifting, and too much cardio! Well, actually my diet wasn’t ALWAYS clean. In high school my meals consisted of sugar-yogurts, hot fries, pizza, chips, chocolate etc. But lets not go there! Ha!

“How did you get such a nice hour glass waist without working your stomach so much?”
Thanks Elle!  Abs aren’t really made by doing crunches or those types of exercises- the heavy lifting like deadlifts, squats, and pull ups are what really helped mine out! Also, my waist measurement has stayed the same from the before’s and after’s but what makes mine look smaller is because I made my upper back a bit wider from pull ups, lat pull downs, rows, and other back work- the wider upper back makes the waist look smaller. And when I say wider that’s not a bad thing- when people used to tell me to make my back wider that kind of freaked me out. But I promise it doesn’t really get big, just makes your chest measurement go up :) Abs are also made in the kitchen!
And of course.. “how tall are you?”
I’m a shortie at 5’3 :) It’s a pretty funny sight to see me trying to get really big benches so I can stand on them to reach the pull up bar! LOL!

Any more questions? There are no dumb questions! And take note I’m not a trainer and I really haven’t been doing this for long so I’m not an expert. But I will answer anything that I can!

Also, here are some good articles and posts I’ve read recently!

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