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Weight Loss Wednesdays-Easy Ways To Increase Your Fruit And Veggie Intake

Posted May 11 2010 9:46pm


We all know we should eat more fruit and vegetables.
These types of foods are good for our bodies, including our skin, teeth, gums, hair–just about everything we have, can benefit from ensuring we get an adequate supply.
Here are some simple ways you can be certain you and your family are getting more fruit and vegetables in your diet * Dice up vegetables in very small pieces for use in scrambled eggs (or scrambled egg whites)
* Try freezing fruits, and eating them while they are still frozen.
* Make sweet potato fries! Simply cut them up, spray a baking tray with a bit of cooking spray, and bake.
* Vegetable soups and stir fries are another easy way to get more veggies.
* Pile fresh veggies on your sandwiches. (Wraps are great for this!) Try cucumber, peppers, carrot strips, radishes–whatever vegetable you think may taste great, pile it in there.
* Wash, cut, and prepare fruits and vegetables before putting them away. Place them in clear containers so that you can see what they are. Then you will have ready to eat snacks you can feel good about!
* Use frozen vegetables in as many dishes as you can. Peas, corn, carrots, mixed vegetables–all lend themselves easily to dishes.
* Buy ready made salads and add your own special mix of veggies to them (note: wash these ready made wonders before use.)
* You can buy fruit or veggie trays, which are great for nibbling on yourself, or for company.
* When you are making pasta, add vegetables. brocolli, peppers, peas–be creative!
* Try roasting your vegetables! Coat with olive oil, and grill such treats as squash and zucchini!
* Keep healthy snacks at eye level in the refrigerator to encourage healthy choices when the nibblies strike.
* Fruit is incredibly portable. Take a snack of apples, pears, bananas, grapes, raisins, or other fruit with you in your car for a healthy, quick snack on the go.
Have any other tips or favorite fruit or vegetable based dish you’d like to recommend? Why not share? Comments and helpful tips are always most welcome!

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