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Weight loss tips for a healthier you

Posted Apr 16 2010 12:00am

Sedentary life, improper and irregular eating habits coupled with a lot of job stress has changed the lifestyle and habits of the modern generation. This has led to obesity and very few people are able to have a control on their body weight. The result is that they fall prey to a host of diseases like hypertension, diabetes, bone related problems and many more.

fresh food resized Weight loss tips for a healthier you

Fresh Food

This problem of excess body weight is something most individuals in this modern era are grappling with and they are constantly seeking solutions to deal with it. People have tried everything – special diets, exercising, special herbal supplements and many other techniques and life style changes to tackle this problem. However, apart from the initial success they are not able to sustain the benefits of these techniques over a period of time and therefore are back to square one.

It is necessary to follow certain simple tips in order to achieve success at losing weight. Here are a couple of them and following these weight loss tips will definitely ensure that individuals are able to return to a fitter physical form.

a) It has to be mind over matter. Unless the mind is filled with positivity and is focused, you will not be able to achieve anything. You have to believe in your mind first that you can become slim and lose weight. This will help you set realistic goals of losing weight and allow you to follow a time bound plan with consistency. You have to remember that if you want something in life, you have to be willing to work hard enough for it and it begins with conditioning your mind for the same.

b) Make sure you do not tax the body and mind such that they are not able to recover. You need to provide enough rest and that is only possible through regular sleep that is peaceful and helps the mind and body to really unwind after a hard day’s work. Proper sleep helps in proper regulation of the hormones that control appetite, metabolism and if these are alright, then you would not feel like eating more than you should. Lack of sleep leads to the decrease of the hormone Leptin and is responsible for the satiated feeling. When this drops, you tend to hog more and that leads to excess body weight. Lack of proper sleep also provokes you to snack more and invariably you end up eating junk food that has no nutritive value, which again leads to weight increase.

So start with the above two weight loss tips and experience changes in your body weight.

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