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Weight Loss Supplements Make it Easy

Posted Feb 23 2011 2:42pm

Always wanting an easy answer to our problems, the market for weight loss supplements does not seem to be getting any smaller. As the overweight and obesity levels around the world continue to climb, so too are the products that offer an easy solution.  'Just take this capsule and watch the pounds peel off' go some of the claims. We all know that this isn't possible, but somehow we still want to believe. We want to believe that with all of our technological advances and scientific discoveries, that there's got to be a pill or some juice  or powder solution that can remove the unwanted fat from our body.  Well, maybe some day. But not this day. Here's more on what the consensus seems to be among researchers about weight loss supplements --

Slimming supplements are an ineffective weight loss method, a researcher has found after scanning the literature in the area.Slimming supplements won't help the overweight or obese, a researcher has found Writing in the December 2010 issue of Nutrition Bulletin, Helena Gibson-Moore's mini meta analysis concluded there was insufficient evidence backing the efficacy of weight loss supplements, and therefore should not be recommended by health professionals to the overweight and obese.She concluded lifestyle, dietary and pharmaceutical interventions were more likely to yield positive results.  “Considering the wealth of evidenced-based advice and guidance available to treat overweight and obesity, dietary supplements for weight loss are unlikely to be used in the clinical setting in the near future,” she wrote, noting, “a lack of robust evidence” supporting their efficacy.“Health professionals need to be aware of the potential safety concerns associated with their use and also advise individuals that most supplements are costly and may result in frustration and disappointment when expectations are not successfully met in the long-term.“People who use weight-loss supplements may be highly motivated to lose weight and therefore health-care professionals should try and utilise this motivation to encourage evidence-based weight-loss approaches and the use of proven, safe, and effective treatments when embarking on weight-loss attempts.”Gibson-Moore referenced an as yet unpublished study, a summary of which was presented last summer at the 11th International Congress on Obesity in Stockholm, Sweden, which found no statistical difference in weight loss between a range of weight loss supplements and placebo among 179 overweight or obese people.The supplements included L-carnitine, guarana seed powder, bean extract, konjac extract, polyglucosamine, cabbage powder, fibre pills, sodium alginate formulations and selected plant extracts. All were purchased at German pharmacies, with subjects receiving one of them or placebo for eight weeks.Those on the supplements recorded weight loss of between 1-2 kilograms, while the placebo group averaged 1.2kg weight loss. 

Comments: The best solution for weight loss and reducing unwanted weight is first to stop focusing on the weight you want to lose, and instead start focusing on ways you can improve your health. Taking things one step at a time is the best approach since we're talking about a lifestyle here, not just a quick change that will allow you to drop 40 pounds so you can go on vacation. That's not how you want to live, and that's not practical. What you can do is start giving up soft drinks and juice drinks in favor of water...and water only. This one action can result in 3-5 pounds of weight loss per week, in many instances. Start there, then move on to giving up fast foods - if you can get it at a drive-thru, chances are it's not providing the health benefits you need.  Start thinking about what you're consuming always in terms of 'is this healthy for me' instead of 'that sounds good, I'll have that'.  Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet in place of any other processed foods that you may be getting and you will not only start increasing your energy levels, but you'll see visible changes to your physique. Do these first two steps and start changing your thinking about what you're consuming and you'll find the transition to a healthier, more fit body to be much easier.  It's about living healthy, not just about losing weight.

Lastly, because fruits and vegetables are the most important part of a healthy diet, we always recommend adding a nutritional supplement to help bridge the gap between what you're getting and what you need.  Juice+ provides nutrients from a variety of fruits, vegetables, grapes, and berries.

The Health & Wellness Institutue, PC

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