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Wegman’s…Satisfying Cravings

Posted Feb 13 2011 12:00am

Lately I’ve had a few different food cravings. The good part? They were all for healthy foods! Quinoa, hummus, and yogurt have been on my mind. I’ve really been wanting to go to the Whole Foods hot bar where I could satisfy all of them at once, but it’s just so far. The last time I went there it took me over an hour to get there and that’s just a bit crazy.

The next best thing? Wegman’s. It’s much closer (10 minute drive) and has a few different “bars” that helped satisfy my cravings today.

For breakfast today, I had vanilla yogurt with cherry granola from the bulk bins. Pete and I decided we want to eat better breakfasts instead of always eating a carb loaded breakfast such as pancakes, waffles, or bagels. This was delicious and very refreshing.

dishes 004

One of the biggest cravings lately has been for hummus. The problem is, I almost never eat the entire container when I buy it and it goes to waste. One of my biggest mottos this new year (which I learned from Tina of Carrots ‘N’ Cake ) is “Wasted Food is Wasted Money.”

I never really noticed the Mediterranean Olive Bar at Wegman’s but decided to actually take a closer look. One of the items was three different types of hummus! You can scoop as much as you want into a container, as it is sold by the pound. I bought a scoop of garlic flavored hummus and couldn’t wait to eat it alongside some pretzels for an afternoon lunch/snack.

dishes 007

Yum! I’ll definitely be taking advantage of that bar more often!

Last and certainly not least…dinner! Wegman’s has a hot bar of their own. Thought it is smaller than Whole Foods, it still has some yummy options. What I really craved was quinoa. I got two different types of quinoa plus a corn salad. On the side, one scoop of mac and cheese. Delish!

dishes 005

Thank you Wegman’s for a day of delicious meals and cravings satisfied!


P.S. I hate how my picture quality decreases as it gets darker outside. Just look at the progression of my three pictures. Any advice?

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