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Weekly Workout Plan

Posted May 13 2013 3:41pm

Let’s get right to it. This was my workout plan last week:

Monday:  Rest day. I work late so I know I won’t feel like doing anything. Well, I got to leave work a half hour earlier than expected so I made it to a spin class at Equinox! I am trying to take spin classes everywhere to get tips and learn from different instructors for my own teaching.

Tuesday:  Refine Method : Complete!

Wednesday:  FITMAPPED  workout at  The Fhitting Roo I wasn’t feeling well so I took a rest day.

Thursday: Refine Method: Complete!

Friday: Rest or Refine: Refine Method! Fun class with Dori and a blog reader..Hi Abbey!

Saturday: Rest or Refine: Refine Method! 

Sunday: Teach Spin (I think!): Yes, taught spin! 

This week:

Today: Same deal as last week. I work late but if I can get out before 7pm, I will go to spin at Equinox

Tuesday: Refine Method

Wednesday: Refine Method

Thursday: Rest or spin or Refine (no clue)

Friday: ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL !!!!! Dance all day and night!!

Saturday: More EDC!!! Just a little bit excited!

Sunday: Teach spin

Yes, you can find me teaching at SunCycle Studios at 12pm on Sundays. If you are in the area, come! Thanks!

What workouts did you do last weekend?

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