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Weekly Workout Plan!

Posted Feb 04 2013 10:39am

Hello! I don’t know about you, but I ate pretty bad yesterday during the Superbowl. I’ll admit that I used it as an excuse to enjoy several beers, pizza, empanadas, chips and an awesome Carvel ice cream cake. Oh yeah, I also started my day with Venti Mocha Frappucino Light (with whipped cream).

This is an expensive, sugary love of mine so I typically allow myself to enjoy it on weekends but not during the week. Drinking one of these can seriously lift my entire mood and make me super productive so why not enjoy it every now and then? Since I had a pretty crappy weekend of eating, I am going to focus on getting good workouts in this week, and go back to limiting my sugar and bread intake during the week…more about that in a separate post later this week.

Here is what my workout plan looks like for this week:

Monday: Spin at Equinox

Tuesday: Refine Method

Wednesday: Teach intenSati

Thursday: Refine Method or Rio Extreme

Friday: Core Fusion

Saturday: Refine Method

Sunday: Rest

Today I work late so typically I would take a rest day but I am craving some intense cardio after not working out yesterday and eating pizza and cake. I also really need to take more spin classes so that I can feel confident enough to teach my own class! I spent several hours on Saturday playing around with Spotify and creating a spin playlist, so now I just need to sit in a spin room and create a class with my music! Oh yeah, I should also be contacting gyms to get myself a class to teach. I will do that this week.

How did I do last week? I took two rest days and stuck with my original plan.

Monday: I work late so I’m either resting or will do spin if I can make it there! Took a rest day.

Tuesday: Refine- Complete!

Wednesday: Teaching intenSati- Complete!

Thursday: Rio Extreme at Equinox- Complete!

Friday: Core Fusion- Complete!

Saturday: Refine- Complete!

Sunday: Rest or Refine- Rest!

This week will be my fourth week of teaching intenSati in Queens. I will be teaching for the entire month of February which is great practice for me to be in front of a group of students. The classes have been about 20-30 people- awesome for intenSati since it requires yelling affirmations. It is always a little bit awkward yelling with just a couple of students! I am always pretty nervous before class and find myself questioning if the students like me the entire time. I need to stop that because they always come up to me after class telling me how much they enjoyed the workout. I love incorporating strength moves that I learn from classes like Refine Method , and find that the students really enjoy this rather than just doing intenSati the entire hour. If you are near Queens on a Wednesday, contact me for details!

Stay tuned for a post focused more on my daily eating.

What did you eat for the Superbowl? Do you use it as a little excuse to eat things that you normally would not eat?

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