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Weekly Training Recap: La Jolla Half Marathon, Week 1

Posted Jan 27 2013 10:57pm

After a rough start to 2013, it felt so good to actually get started on my training plan . I’m happy to report that I accomplished all my planned workouts, though I did end up switching out my Saturday and Sunday runs. The long run, which was scheduled for seven miles this first week, ended up on Saturday and I followed that up with a six mile run on Sunday.


Not my favorite picture of myself, but it really shows the cool (both literal and figurative), damp weather we had this weekend.

My strength workouts were all classes that I taught, but they did challenge me. I recently started teaching a circuit class that I call “Fast & Furious.” It is a 30 minute class designed to kick some butt. I teach it twice a week, Monday and Friday, and it includes a variety of exercises including burpees, pushups, jump squats, and others that really challenge the class (and me!).  I also taught a strength class on Tuesday. I don’t always count it as my own workout (it depends on how hard I myself work), but this week I did work hard.


Monday’s Fast & Furious workout

I was really pleased with my running this week. On Wednesday, I did five fartlek intervals within my six mile run. I wasn’t wearing my Garmin, just using my Runmeter app, so I couldn’t see my pace. I was wearing my Polar heartrate monitor, so I know my heart rate got up to 164 bpm during my intervals, which is probably about 90% of max. Runmeter says my top pace was around 7:57 during my intervals (which kind of makes me laugh remembering I once ran a whole marathon at a 7:30 pace).

I did end up running my long run of seven miles on Saturday. It was kind of an accident. Alan ran with me, and neither of us felt great when we headed out. The weather was really damp and humid, and both of us have asthma and find the humidity challenging. Not to mention my knees seemed especially creaky with the damp conditions. We stuck it out though, and felt better as the run went on. We were with Penny (our Dalmatian), on the trails, and we ended up running 7.25 miles. Kind of nice to have it done. It was too late for yoga, so I put that off until Sunday.

training recap

Foggy weather like this is so rare in La Quinta.

That left Sunday for a shorter, moderate run. Alan ran with me again, and we stayed on a flatter, firmer (road, sidewalk, and some hard packed trails) route, and finished with 6.5 miles, which brought me to 23 for the week. I’m really pleased with that.  In addition to my weekly stretching class, I took the time to stretch after each run (I know I need it, but don’t always do it). I’ll pull out the foam roller next week too.

When we finished our run on Sunday, it was again too late for my regular flow class, so I decided to try a new yoga studio and take a gentle yoga class. Evolve Yoga is just two miles from my house, and just opened a few weeks ago. The teacher was great, and I enjoyed the class, but I love my yoga to push me. Next week I will get back to my regular Saturday flow class (with April, my kick-ass favorite instructor), plus add my at-home classes back in. Once I do that, I might add in the gentle yoga class as a reward.

Anyway, I felt like it was a successful first week. Here is a copy of Training Recap Log:

Weekly Recap 1

 As I wrote in my log, I might start up with my track/interval workouts next week. Alan says he’s ready to go, and I never turn down a running partner. I also need to add a day or two of regular strength training, just to balance out my workouts (and to make that same running partner happy..he likes to workout in the gym, with me).


Random picture of my dog. It has nothing to do with this post (although Buddy does run up to 3 miles with us), but he is just so darn cute I have to share.

Are you training for an event? How did your training week look?

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