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Weekly Re-cap: Shoes, Workouts & Fall Flavors!

Posted Sep 21 2012 4:54pm

Yes I made it through the dreaded week back to work post vacation – hooray for me. Quite a productive week running-wise so let’s hop to.

First of all – I got new shoes! I’m back in the New Balance Minimus which I’ve had a couple times before, and loved them. I’m not sure if I’ve discussed my departure from - which I love, love, loved. I PR’d twice while racing in Altra Eve’s and truly feel that they made me a faster runner. However, the double pelvic stress fracture forced me to analyze all aspects of running that may have contributed to the worst injury ever, including form, nutrition, strength training, and gear. (Being injured for 3 months leaves a lot of time to think/dwell).  Since the Altra’s have basically no cushion at all, I decided maybe a small amount of cushion would work best for me. I am still a huge advocate for minimalist running, but just feel the amount of cushion and heel to toe drop in the NB Minimus are a nice, happy medium for me.

These babies are gonna get me across the NYCM finish line.

I’ve run a few times this week in them and am enjoying them so far. I’ve started incorporating some speed and hill workouts into my training plan and had two pretty decent ones this week.

After being inspired by Anne Marie’s progression run workout, I decided to incorporate a gradual increase in speed during my 7-miler this week. The plan was to start with a warm-up mile, then begin at 8:30-pace, and gradually increase each mile from there by 5 seconds, with an easier cool-down mile:

Mile Pace
1 9:23
2 8:28
3 8:17
4 8:12
5 8:05
6 7:58
7 8:19
7.01 58:42:00

Here’s a little tip for progression run audio selection: Start the first half listening to a podcast (such as Stuff You Should Know ), and finish the second half with your Pandora Dance Cardio radio station. You’re welcome.

I’m also a little concerned about my lack of hill training, since running along the Schuylkill isn’t exactly mountainous.  I’ve read that the NYC Marathon has some hills, especially over the bridges and in Central Park. I stumbled upon this Runner’s World forum that discusses the inclines in the NYC Marathon course (pretty sweet, right?). Per the comments, it seems a typical incline of a bridge (ex/ Verrazano, Queensborough, Pulaski) and Central Park hill is about 4.0 % incline. This morning, I mustered up this treadmill hill workout of which I’m going to try to incorporate once a week or so. The goal was to work up to 4.0% incline, and maintain it there for about a half mile.

Minute Pace Incline
0 - 10 8:34 0.0%
10 - 12 8:20 1.0%
12 - 14 8:20 2.0%
14 - 16 8:20 3.0%
16 - 20 8:20 4.0%
20 - 21 8:20 0.0%
21 - 22 8:13 1.0%
22 - 24 8:13 2.0%
24 - 26 8:13 3.0%
26 - 29 8:13 4.0%
29 - 30 8:13 7.0%
30 - 32 8:13 0.0%
32 - 33 8:06 0.0%
33 - 34 8:00 0.0%
34 - 35 7:54 0.0%
35 - 38 7:30 0.0%
38 - 41 8:30 0.0%

I also added a mini progression run at the end. Because I was bored. This ended up being right about 5 miles. It was tough since I’m really not used to the incline, but will hopefully get easier over the next few weeks.

All this running sure works up an appetite – and I actually have an excellent recipe I tried this week that I’d love to share with you!

I found this Pork Chop with Mustardy Apples and Onions Recipe from Dinner, A Love Story that you have to try.

It was incredibly simple to throw together, was something different than the typical “chicken/fish and veggies” dinner that reappears in our house, and had those comforting fall flavors from the apples, caramelized onions, and cider vinegar.

Served with roasted brussels sprouts, a dollop of greek yo, and a glass of red wine. Perfect.

Speaking of fall flavors, this morning’s post-treadmill workout breakfast was smothered with pumpkin puree. Because one can smother pumpkin puree on anything, it seems.

Have a great weekend!

Q: Any tips for those NYCM hills? What are you up to this weekend?

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