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Weekly Chase: 13 days to 13.1

Posted Jul 09 2012 12:44am

I promise you that while I was a total slacker on the blog front this weekend, I was not a slacker on the home front. Nor on the workout front. Hehe.

This is just a glimpse of what I did yesterday after my visit to the gym:

I got 19 totes of girls clothes picked through for the yard sale and/or donation, sorted by size, and re-packed into 12 totes. Which means that thankfully, we downsized by 7 totes. I got meals planned for the next 12 days, and I ripped (literally) through about 10 cooking mags and pulled out all of the recipes I want to try.

Confession: I hoard magazines. Actually, I used to. I’m getting much better at pulling out the things I want to keep and reading the rest of the magazine before trashing it.

I was going to set a goal this week to menu-plan, but I’ve already crossed that off the list. Score! (By the way, I find it hilarious that WordPress automatically linked “thelist” to a post on my celebrity “pass” list. Which, of course, has slightly changed. Ha.)

Last week’s goals:

Goal #1: Clean eating. – I did a million times better this past week. How I know: tracking my food…&…a 4-pound loss. That brings me to 21 pounds lost since April 29th. I could have made a few better choices, but the whole point is to be making changes at all. This week, I’ll be taking it head-on, because I’m running a half marathon in 13 days. Yeah, I just wrote that. Hehehehe.

Goal #2: Early to bed, early to rise. Yeah right. I’m not even going to go there. This was a joke. Total joke.

Goal #3: Start the July #AbChallenge . I haven’t been good about this. I’ve been doing my own thing, and I completely ‘fess up to that. I’m not bummed about it, either. I’ve been focusing on some major core training, running, and yoga. Yes, I actually did yoga. I even did some in the pool. Haha. Ask Herrick about Warrior I & II.

Just over the past two weeks of doing this goal-posting, I have two observations to make:

  1. I am completely and utterly amazed at how every single one of you have visited and commented on the others’ pages.
  2. I’m beginning to understand just how crucial it is to really think out your goals.

Do you remember my post on SMART goals ? I had taken my own advice and had written up some goals for the month of July, but I wasn’t focusing my weekly goals on, well, July’s goals.

I have so much going on that by setting goals that don’t really help me chase down and grasp those July goals, I’m setting myself up for disappointment. It’s too much at once (Jo, you were right).

Therefore, I’ve laid out my week’s goals to help me reach my main ones.

Goal #1: Stay on schedule with my runs. The plan: 10 miles Tuesday, 3 miles Thursday, & 5 miles Friday. (I have an 8-miler planned Sunday, which starts taper week!!! I’m going to totally geek out right now and tell you that it felt damn good to write “taper week” for the first time ever.)

Goal #2: Continue to eat clean(er), with less sugar, and no late-night snacking. I’m still mastering this. I’m really good at listening to my body in terms of hunger, and I’ve pinpointed a lot of my “triggers”. So, continuing to stay on-course and strong is a big deal to me. I need to be properly fueling my body. I admit I get aggravated (mainly at times like now when I’m a giant raging hormone) with my weight loss, and I want more off, faster, right now, yesterday even. I bloat and unbloat far too often, man. But, after the past week, I’ve become more prepared and have luckily started “craving” less. I need to go back to no sugar (hi, again, giant raging hormone) and to not eating past a certain time of night. Which brings me to this…

Goal #3: Go to bed early…er. Haha. I eat dinner around 6/630. By midnight, it’s been roughly 6 hours since I last ate, and you know what your body does when you wait that long to eat, right? Exactly. Besides…I have to be up at 5:30/6 the day of the race. I should start getting used to that…right?

(The packing goal for July is moving along wonderfully. We have half of the entire crawlspace/basement area organized and packed up! The hardest messiest parts of the area are done.)

There ya have it. Goals that work toward my July goals. Sometimes I’m terrible at following my own advice. Then again, aren’t we all?

I wanna see how many more people we can get in on this Weekly Chase this week! From what I could tell from this past week and all the tweets and/or posts…it’s been a tough week.

If you haven’t gotten in on the project, head to the Weekly Chase post and link up!

**Please don’t forget to show some love on the others!**

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