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Posted Apr 17 2011 11:48am

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and relaxing weekend like we are!  Saturday morning I was up early to prepare for a walk-through with our landlord.  He brought his realtor through to look at the property and decide what they will do with it next.  Even though I am very aware that we are moving, seeing this house that I love so much listed for sale or rent tugs at my heart a little bit.

Since the house looked so nice all picked up for potential showings, I snapped some pictures for him to use in his listing.  And since you guys won’t be seeing this place for much longer, I thought I would share them with you too.  Third floor office/guest room loft

IMG_8981 (640x427)

Our heavenly spa-like bathroom retreat .  This is hands down my favorite room in our house, and I will miss that amazing shower every single day.

IMG_8983 (427x640)

IMG_8984 (640x427)

Our big beautiful bedroom with our wonderful new bed set!  I am so happy we moved our bedroom to the second floor – I love sleeping with the windows open now and waking up to all that sunlight.

IMG_8985 (640x423)

First floor living area – for a townhouse that is all of maybe 1,100 square feet, we really learned to maximize our living space here and use every square inch of it.  I have also learned that I really enjoy living in small spaces – less to furnish and clean!

IMG_8988 (640x427)

And of course, no tour is complete without the kitchen !  I am planning to take my beloved ball jar shelves with us to Seattle – it is one of my favorite features of our kitchen!  This kitchen is so tricky – while it seems big, the entire kitchen is really situated on 1.5 walls, and the rest is open space.  Casey and I worked really hard to find pieces and shelving solutions that would help us best maximize the space, and I love the way it all turned out in the end.

IMG_8989 (640x427)

The “working” side of the kitchen.  I will NOT miss having almost zero counter space!

IMG_8990 (640x422)

And our precious little backyard patio.  We were so lucky to find something in the DC area that included an outdoor living space.  While we have made it work for our 8 months here, we definitely learned that our dogs would do better with more of a “real” yard.  Luckily they will have that in Seattle!

IMG_8992 (640x427)

After cleaning and meeting with our landlord, I spent a few hours being really productive and knocking things off my list.  Sorted through bills, booked plane tickets, ordered gifts, organized financial spreadsheets – check!  I am determined to be organized throughout this move!

It was really grey and rainy outside, so we decided to change into our workout gear and go spend a few hours at the gym.  Now that I am feeling a bit better, I am having so much fun being active and working out more regularly.  It is really important to me to be strong and fit throughout my pregnancy.  I will write more in detail about what I’m doing in another post, but the short story is – LOTS of weight lifting, strength training, elliptical, and long walks.  Even though I tire more easily these days, I feel amazing.

IMG_8993 (427x640)

Post workout reward – Whole Foods.  Even met a sweet blog reader while I was there – Hi Claire!

IMG_8995 (640x427)

YUM.  I can tell my appetite is sloooooowly starting to return, as more and more foods are sounding palatable.  This box included greek slaw mix, asian tofu , garlic kale, asparagus, apple salad, and delicious vegetarian lo mein!

IMG_8996 (640x427)

In all honestly, I wanted to fill the entire box with lo mein, but I resisted.  It was SO good!

IMG_8997 (640x427)

The rest of the day was spent inside, watching out the window as some scary storms rolled through!  TONS of rain, heavy winds, tornado warnings, and sirens blaring for hours.  When the storm finally broke, the dogs were restless, so we ventured out to get some fresh air and see if the neighborhood survived….

IMAG0055 (427x640)

We ended up finding massive FLOODS in Old Town!  We live about 7 blocks from the waterfront, so our house was in no danger – but I couldn’t believe how much water had come into the streets near the bank of the Potomac! 

IMAG0057 (640x427)

All I had was my camera phone, so the quality isn’t that great.  See that Starbucks sign on the right side?  That is the coffee shop Casey and I work from all the time!  The water was at least knee deep at the front door – hope the inside is all okay!

IMAG0058 (427x640)

A look down King street swimming in water.  There were sooo many people milling about the streets and news crews filming the flooding.  It was definitely a sight to see!

IMAG0062 (640x427)

Restaurants close to the marina were all sandbagged, so hopefully the damage is mostly just the debris in the street. 

IMAG0064 (640x427)

Last night’s storms are just a memory now – it is GORGEOUS and sunny outside today!!  Trying to soak up as much of it as I can now, and praying that the sun will be ready to greet me in Seattle when we get there. 

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