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weekend wedding update: honeymoon planning

Posted Mar 29 2013 9:27am
I know, I know, I promised a big reveal about what my next fitness goal is for today's post. But it ain't gonna happen (although if you follow me on social media, you probably have a hankering of what it is already)! I'm saving that baby for Monday, when I will officially embark on my next adventure!

Instead, I'm going to talk about something I've been enjoying thinking about over this Easter break as I try to actually relax and not think about school
...our honeymoon!

A view of Dubrovnik's historic Old Town, where the King's
Landing scenes of GAME OF THRONES are filmed!

The day after our wedding, Mike and I will be hopping on a plane (er, three planes) to Dubrovnik, Croatia! Don't worry if you have no idea where that is; my sister and grandmother didn't either. Croatia is a country that emerged out of the fall of Communism from what used to be Yugoslavia. Situated along the stunning coast of the Adriatic sea across from Italy and not far from Greece, Croatia is an ideal location for relaxing on the beach, experiencing history in beautiful old towns, and soaking up an exotic culture.

Dubrovnik is situated in the southernmost part of Croatia.

Given my love of Eastern Europe and Slavic cultures, Dubrovnik has been a no-brainer for me for a while. I'm sure we could be spending a lot less and having a lovely time somewhere in the Caribbean, but since those vacations are cheaper and easily accessible from the East Coast, we're saving them for another vacation.

While the majority of our time in Dubrovnik will likely be spent enjoying the beach or the pools at our hotel, as well as eating delicious food (from what I understand, Croatian food is a nice mix of Mediterranean and Slavic), I've been looking into what excursions we can do while were in town. The past few times I've travelled, my favorite parts of the trip were often "active" excursions, which I feel allow you to see parts of the city/country that wouldn't otherwise be accessible. Taking a bike tour in Warsaw allowed me to cover the entire city in just three hours, while kayaking and Stand-Up Paddleboarding in Ocean City, Maryland got us up close and personal with wild horses and provided gorgeous views of the city.

I hope Dubrovnik will be no different! We're hoping to take a bike tour to local vineyards, enjoy sea-kayaking to nearby islands, and do a whole lot of walking in the Old Town.

But don't worry, I also booked us a spa day- we'll definitely be relaxing plenty. :)

Do you try to squeeze active excursions into your vacation planning?

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