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weekend wedding update: dance lessons and wedding bands

Posted Feb 10 2013 2:01pm
Days to go: 105
Tasks completed this week: 5

It's been a while since you've heard about our wedding . That's because not much has happened since I last wrote about it!

We did a lot of our planning up front, since I was in Russia over the summer  and starting up a 40-hour per week internship and my final year of grad school in the fall. I wanted the big decisions to be done so we'd only have to worry about little things in the last nine months before our wedding.

In May (and a bit in September) we did a lot- chose our venue, my dress, the flowers, my hairdresser, booked our honeymoon flights and hotel...the list goes on.

But since then, we've been in tiny task land. That's what wedding planning is, really: lots and lots of tiny tasks that require a few minutes of collective thought and a phone call or email, after which we can put them to bed. All those remaining tiny tasks are going to start coming at us full force soon, which is why we got a couple of bigger things done this weekend.

1. We went to our first dance lesson! Though I have dance experience from doing musicals back in the day, Mike and I aren't the most coordinated people. We want our first dance to look nice, and so we bought a Groupon for a branch of Arthur Murray dance studios near our new place so that we could learn the basics and get our dance choreographed.

This Friday night, we attended our first group class. There were about 10 other couples in attendance of all ages and experience levels. We were taught the Waltz, Single Swing, Club Swing and Foxtrot.

Mike getting ready to learn the Single Swing.
Mike and I had some issues at first, especially when we started turning in our waltz, but by the end of the night we felt pretty comfortable, thanks to the great teachers at the studio. You can tell they've worked with all types of people and just want to help as much as they can!

Fabulous teachers showing the guys the moves. 

2. We took our fingerprints for our wedding bands! Wait, what?! Fingerprints for our wedding bands? Yup! Since we started planning, I've been fixated on wedding bands by Brent & Jess , which are personalized with the fingerprint of your spouse.  They look simple and plain on the outside, and on the inside feature the length of your loved one's finger wrapped around yours. How neat! I also love that  it allows guys to have something personal and meaningful for their band without getting too sappy, but still something that they can show off if they'd like!

This is the set we chose! Aren't they so cool?

The process of taking your fingerprints requires soaking your fingers to raise your prints...

Mike taking his print.
Brent & Jess give very detailed instructions on how to get the best prints for your ring, and in a fun half hour spent with your fiance, you're ready to send your prints back to the shop, where they'll be crafted into beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.

My finished prints.
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