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Weekend recap (teething & stripe overload)

Posted Jan 31 2013 10:08pm
Home Baby Weekend recap (teething & stripe overload)

8 comments Jan 28/13 Baby


This past weekend was another relaxing one for the family.  I did lots of shopping for Michael and a little for myself (more on that in a minute…).  A weekend that includes some shopping is always a good one in my book!

The weekend did start out a little shaky though.

Poor Michael was crying a bit during the night (which he never does) and waking up a lot as well. He was also drooling, biting at anything in his path, and suffering from a bit of diarrhea.  Since I teethed very early, I decided to inspect Michael’s gums- just in case.

Sure enough, my little boy has two teeth coming through his top gums at just a few days shy of three months old.

Rubbing his gums, giving him some teething gel, and letting him play with his teething rings has helped tremendously though.


He’s a happy little camper now!

OK…back to the shopping thing…

I went to J. Crew on Sunday.  It’s my very favorite store. 

(Gap and Banana Republic are tied for second.) 

While I was there, I had one of those exciting moments at the register when something unexpectedly rings up on sale.  I scored a pair of pants for $10 (!) and a shirt for $29.

I was so thrilled as I was leaving that I called out to all of the customers who were browsing the same shirts,”Buy these! They are on sale!”

When I brought my shirt home, I realized that I have a major problem (beyond forcing strangers to buy things)…



I’m addicted to stripes.

In fact, I just may have been a zebra in a previous life.

How many striped shirts does one woman seriously need?

(Apparently, my answer to that one is 15.  I’m embarrassed to add that I also have many striped socks and pajamas.)

If any of you ever see me out and about in person, please stage an intervention if I am browsing through a rack of striped shirts.  Please.


Do you tend to buy the same type of clothing over and over again?  Anyone else love stripes as much as I do?

Have a great day!

  1. Haha, nice! I am like that with gray tops. I have a million gray shirts and sweaters. It’s out of control!

  2. I am glad to hear the little guy is back in a happy mode:) I have 4 dominate colors in my closet – black, blue, hot pink and deep purple. I also love stripes and floral prints (tasteful floral I hope). I have tried to go outside of the box with clothing, but never seem to wear it as much, so stick with what I like:) Happy Monday!

  3. Omg! I can’t believe he’s already getting teeth. Poor guy!

  4. You were wearing stripes when I saw you last week!

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