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Weekend recap (baby shower #3)

Posted Oct 09 2012 10:07pm
Home Baby Weekend recap (baby shower #3)

2 comments Oct 08/12 Baby, Entertainment, Pregnancy, Weekend Recap


Happy Monday!

It’s rainy and chilly out today and really feels like fall.  I love it!

The sunny and warm weekend weather was just perfect for my third and final baby shower though.


My mom and my sister (and even my dad!) put so much work into the event and really made everything look so beautiful.

There was an incredible spread of food which included lots of assorted sandwiches and wraps from Whole Foods, fruit, veggies and hummus, nuts, salad, roasted vegetables, and even a pumpkin side dish with pine nuts (which my mother bought with me in mind).


Unfortunately, I still felt really queasy on Saturday, and I was only able to pick at a few things.  Even so, everything that I tried was delicious!

And of course, the company was wonderful.


My gorgeous mother


My mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law were there along with some of my mother’s friends.  Our neighbor from New York, who has known me since I was five years old, was even there!

My dear friend Jenny came too which was so much fun.

I needed to post this photo of us together, so you could see the lovely Jenny.  I also thought it was pretty funny that my large head would not fit into the frame no matter how hard I tried to edit the photo.


I swear that I have an easier time keeping my bump in frame!

The baby and I made out like bandits as far as presents.



This is apparently my “oh-my-goodness, this is soooooo cute!” face- even though it more closely resembles the face that I’d probably make after finding out that Lionel Richie was retiring from the music business.



Every guest received one of these wrapped Hershey bars (made with love by my dear father) before they left the shower.



My mother told me that similar favors were handed out at the shower thrown for her when she was pregnant with me…and she still has one of them!

Obviously, it would not be advisable to eat it at this point though.  ;)

It was a very special day, and I’ll say it once again…

I’m a very lucky woman.

This was proven even further on Sunday when Michael took me out for breakfast and then for a decaf pumpkin spice coffee.

We concluded the weekend by watching The Shining last night, and since I don’t do well with scary movies, it was seriously almost a labor-inducing experience.

Michael kept saying, “I don’t think this was a good idea for you,” over and over again, but we made it through the entire movie. :)


How did you spend your weekend?

Are you a fan of scary movies?  I do not like being scared one bit.  Hocus Pocus is just about the only Halloween movie I can handle!


  1. Jenny O.

    HA! The picture probably had less to do with your head and more to do with my poor picture taking skills. :) I had such fun – thanks!!

  2. I love the cake – oh so cute! The Shining is scary enough without being pregnant or having incontince issues – YIKES! I was busy packing up the house this weekend and actually being a bit of a homebody, which is rare for me – love being active. Happy Monday and Have a Great Week:) Looks like you are already for the wee one with stuff – must be a good feeling.

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