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Weekend Party Time and Monday Goals

Posted Nov 08 2009 6:37pm
Hello! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was really fun. Lots of drinking..lots of yummy eats...all very necessary after the week I had.
Friday Night Party Time...

Friday after work, my friend Kaity invited me to an end of the season Mets party since she works for them. I met her at the Pines bar by the stadium. She told me to come hungry since there would be a lot of food!

They had a free Italian style buffet for everyone. I tried a little bit of everything.

Salad, chicken marsala, eggplant parmesan, and some ziti. It was all very good, especially the eggplant parm!

We had a great time at the party. The Coors Light promo girls were there so we got a bucket, t-shirt, photo of us, and light up key chain for $15.00 bucks. Pretty good deal.

People were getting bucket after bucket so I can't even tell you how many beers I had. The Patron girls were there too so I may have had a few free shots too!

Kaity and I were both wasted by the end of the night but luckily her friend drove us home so we didn't have to get back on the subway at 2 am!


I had plans to go to the Reebok Sports Club with my sister Saturday morning since we had free guest passes but I could not move! I canceled and ended up sleeping till 1:00 in the afternoon. Definitely needed it.

I had a bowl of Cheerios with bananas and raisins for brunch.

Bowl #2...necessary when hungover.

Later in the day, "my friend" and I went to the mall to buy an outfit for our friend Melanie's birthday at night. I should just give the boy a code name until I figure out what to do but for now he is my friend haha.

We had a quick dinner in the food court since we took 3 hours to shop and had no time for anything else. They seriously do not have one salad or deli place in the Queens Mall so I ended up getting Japanese.

Nice and oily shrimp teryaki with vegetables.

It was pretty good for being a food court meal!

We went to Melanie's birthday later which was at Banc in Murray Hill. It was a really cute bar and great place to have a party.

I found Dori right away!

We all had a lot of fun. It's been forever since we all went out! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELANIE!!

Sunday Family Day

My parents decided to come visit to have breakfast and see the kitty. I met them in the city at my sister's apartment. I decided to bring Daisy along since my sister never met her! Once my parents arrived, we had brunch at a place called Eatery. I got an egg white omelet with mushrooms and tomatoes. No pictures of course. I really thought about mentioning it a million times but I am not ready yet.

We brought Daisy to brunch and she sat under the table in her little carrier. She was so good all day. We then carried her over to Tasti D Lite so she could have a lick of ice cream! My parents left and my sister and I decided to take a little walk in Central Park. We did not want to leave Daisy in my sister's apartment because there were way too many computer cords in there. I carried her in my arms for our entire 2 mile walk! She is seriously a dog. She ended up falling asleep in my arms while walking. Everyone that walked by had to do a double-take because they really could not believe I was walking with a kitten. She is a little freaked out today but it was very fun.

My sister and I went to dinner after our walk at a sushi place called Bamboo 52. I got miso soup, seaweed salad, edamame, and a Dinosaur Roll: salmon, tuna, white fish, mock crab, avocado, cucumber, and flying fish roe.

It was really good! The best part was that it happened to be happy hour on a Sunday night so all of the drinks were half off. I got a Peartini for $4.00! Wahoo!

It was a great weekend but now I am back to reality. I have a few goals for the week.

  1. Get back in gym mode. I only made it 2 out of 7 days last week which made me extra miserable each day.
  2. Juice each morning. I did it every morning the 1st week I had my juicer but did not wake up once last week in time to juice.
  3. No binging. Stress last week led me to over eat one too many times.
  4. Figure out my family/blog situation.
  5. Possibly move my blog to Wordpress. I've been wanting to do this for a while now but need to find someone to help me since I get very frustrated when dealing with technical issues. Any recommendations?
This morning I already went to the gym and made juice so I am off on a good start. What are some of your goals for this week?

Have a lovely day!


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