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Weekend in Atlantic City

Posted Aug 07 2009 12:19pm
Good morning everyone. I would like to start off by sending my love and support to my friend Jen from I started reading Jen's blog a few months ago and was hooked. She lost 100 pounds in 2 years and is a truly amazing and wonderful person. I read her blog first thing every morning knowing that there will be an inspirational post that will boost my mood. A terrible and sad tragedy occurred over the weekend so please keep Jen and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

As most of you know, I spent the weekend with my parents in Atlantic City for my mom's birthday. I had Jen in my mind all weekend and really appreciated every minute with my parents more than ever. It is easy to take things for granted sometimes but it is very important to cherish the time spent with your loved ones each and every day. I had a nice time so I will recap back to Friday.

I took the Greyhound bus right after work. I was lucky enough to get the last seat on the bus. I got on and saw that the first seat behind the bus driver had only 1 person sitting in it. The conversation with that person went a little something like this:

Me: "May I sit there?"
Guy: "Nahh, they told me I could sit here since I am really tall."
Me: "This is the last seat on the bus so I have nowhere else to sit."
Guy: "Ask the driver man. He told me I could have two seats since I am so tall."

The driver sees me standing there and tells the guy he has to move in. The guy argues with the driver and says his legs will not fit in the seat. The driver tells him to take the outside seat so he can have his legs in the aisle. The guy says forget it and takes the next bus!

I got my own 2 seats :) It was a nice, relaxing bus ride. I got there around 8:30 so my parents had already eaten dinner. They took me to Pathmark and I got some turkey and cheese to make a sandwich for dinner. We watched a movie and went to bed.

Saturday we woke up and went bike riding! I think we went 4 or 5 miles. My parents had bikes but I had to rent one. The rental place was a few blocks away so I jogged while they rode their bikes there. Let's just say I really need to start jogging more outside before my 5K in September! I really could not breathe but hopefully with some practice I'll get better!

We made breakfast in my mom's condo. She made us cage-free egg beaters, spelt rice cakes with organic peanut butter, and smoothies with strawberries, bananas, soy yogurt, and soy milk.

We ate on the balcony so I ran outside to snap a picture. My mom saw and said, "Did you just take a picture of breakfast?"
I said, "Yes. "
She said, "Whyyyy??"
I said, "It is fun to show people we ate outside on Facebook?"

Lol she looked at me like I was nuts. She might be learning about the blog in the near future though. We will see...

Saturday was perfect outside so we went to the beach all day. My mom and I walked another 4 miles on the beach! Her friend was also having a big party on the beach so I got some snacks and a drink along the way. I had a rum iced tea, some cherries, peaches, and Stacy's Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips (best things ever). They also had sushi, tortilla chips, guacamole, salsa, and a huge tray from the Pretzel Factory with soft pretzel sticks and hot cheese which I somehow resisted!

Mom and I:

Saturday night my dad was working at a hotel selling his Jerry Garcia artwork so we went there to visit. I got a free $25.00 casino coupon for taking a casino bus there so I also did some gambling (I lost it all ).

My mom's feet hurt so we took the lazy way back to her condo.

We took a pit stop at a beach bar!

Sunday we went bike riding again. I was walking to the bike rental and got hit by a bike! This girl rode right into me so I have nice black and blue skid marks up my leg. I really can't complain at all though about something minor like that.

There was a bad storm so I took the bus back to NY in the afternoon.

I got back and made some dinner. The only thing left in the fridge was this!

I also had peppers so I grilled them on the stove. It looked just like the picture on the package!

I had some salad, carrots, hummus, and chips as well.

Oh and a beer!

Fun weekend! I will leave you with some giveaways!

Iowa Girl Eats'Pure Bar Giveaway

Jackson's World's Amazing Grass Giveaway!

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