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Weekend In NYC

Posted Oct 21 2010 12:00am

Why is life always so bitter sweet.

Recently I’ve  experienced some of the best times of my life yet somehow I have managed to experience some of the worst moments of my 22 years in this world as well.

Lets start with the wonderful times shall we. My mom and I headed off to New York to visit one of her childhood friends for the weekend. We had a great time; actually that is an understatement, we had an unbelievable time. From the food, atmosphere, company, and relaxation it was more than I could have imagined.

While in New York we walked ( I hobbled) around the city on Saturday and  Sunday. Saturday was a tad bit nippley, after standing out in the freezing cold for a few hours I needed a warm, strong, aromatic cup of coffee to keep me going.




Chai …. mmmm smell delicious


What is that thing?!?!?!

It’s a goat….. no it’s a dog…. wait is that allowed? It must be a sheep…. guys really it’s a lamb… come on.

Haha we had a good time with ALLLL the food.


Crepe Making


Huge GingerSnap Cookies


Street Sweet food truck!!! Supposedly these food trucks are the new hot item. People create amazing food  travel to different locations and serve hungry customers their creative masterpieces. SDC10068

The followers really are crazy about their trucks.

SDC10066 SDC10067

The best Mexican food I have ever had was enjoyed Saturday night at a place in Yonkers. Jalapeño is a small little restaurant serving real authentic Mexican food. The restaurant does not have a liquor license so they allow you to bring your own liquor , in our case two bottles of wine, the restaurant supplies the glasses and everything else for you.

We started off with freshly made guacamole, chips, and salsa. Then we moved to the main entrees,  out of this world.

Amy ordered a beef dish including Mexican rice, grilled onions, tomatoes, guacamole and a chipotle smokey sauce to go around it. I am not a big beef fan but the dish was fabulous.


I ordered the appetizer of 3 chicken tacos with a chipotle sauce. Homemade tortillas, succulent  and perfectly spicy sauce, with juicy grilled chicken. I also ordered a side of black beans.


SDC10075 SDC10076 My mom ordered the tortilla soup that spoke for itself. It was the perfect amount of creamy, sweet, spicy, and hearty all wrapped into one.

Now for the bad part….












After coming home from such a great weekend I had to head straight to the hospital to get a bone scan for my “ pulled groin”.

Luckily I was able to get into the doctor Tuesday morning to review my bone scan. The pain from two weeks ago has not gone away and I was tired of dealing with it.

I have two stress fractures in my pelvic bone. WOOO HOOO right?

The bone scan showed I have a stress fracture in the upper right part of my pelvic bone and the lower right part of my pelvic bone. Crutches for 1 month maybe more and no exercise for at least 3 months. Lets just say I was more than upset.

No Richmond Marathon, no running, no exercise, no nothing, not to mention crutches make every day tasks seem close to impossible. However, I am lucky it did not crack all the way through and I am lucky I am still moving around decently.

For now my blogging will not be as frequent due to the fact that reading about all the activity everyone is involved in makes me jealous and bitter. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and is able to enjoy the last bit of warm weather before the fall really takes over.

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