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Weekend full of good eats and raw lasagna

Posted Jan 01 2010 12:00am

Good Morning Luvs,

How was everyone’s weekend? Good I hope! ;)

Michelle and I took yesterday off from blogging and tweeting. We tried to take a little down-time and really focus on other things that are going on in our life! Sometimes you really just need a break ;)

Let’s rewind here and get you all caught up-to-date with our daily eats :)

Saturday’s morning breakfast before heading to our farmers market was a delicious bowl of our homemade coconut yogurt with chia seeds, maca, stevia, and a little yacon syrup and cacao nibs!

Jan 2010 pics more 077

All stirred together now

Jan 2010 pics more 086

Tried to make it somewhat substantial because it will be 5 hours till we ate again. This breakfast hits the spot for us every time we have it which is becoming our weekend morning rituals! :)

Michelle and I split this little treat – it was the only one left from the market – I guess our clients liked them ;)

Jan 2010 pics more 115Raw KEY LIME KREAMCAKE (as we like to call it)

Upon arriving back at the house we whip warm hot cocoa and ate one slice of our raw onion flatbreads.

Jan 2010 pics more 141

Little bit later we made ourselves a romaine grapefruit smoothie with some stevia, coconut oil, and msm powder (un-pictured)

Dinner was a glorious romaine, cilantro, fermented veggies, raw sauerkraut salad with some lime juice and hemp seeds :)

Jan 2010 pics more 160

Now this might have been too much fermented veggies for some people but since we eat them all time we wanted to see how our bodies did with about 1 cup fermented foods at one time. Conclusion: did great!

We also treated ourselves to a glass of wine for a job well done at the market :)

Continuing with our weekend ritual of our homemade yogurt we enjoyed our last bowl of it Sunday morning :(

Jan 2010 pics more 006

So satisfying and delicious!!! Great way to start a Sunday!

Jan 2010 pics more 007

Lunch was this amazing little bad boy

Jan 2010 pics more 287

Jan 2010 pics more 288

Our first attempt at making our own RAW lasagna with of course the twins twist on it ;) Michelle made her first raw lasagna while being at school

Our raw lasagna is NUT Free along with being gluten free, soy free and vegan! And it was full of great ingredients and flavor!!!! We will share recipe if you all are interested?!?!

Dinner was another fermented jam packed salad with a side of wilted arugula and a slice of our raw onion flatbread with some left over sauce from our raw lasagna! SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!!

Jan 2010 pics more 303 Another night full of flavor, texture, nutrient packed dinner :) Tummy happy!

Jan 2010 pics more 305Jan 2010 pics more 312

I think you all had enough food pictures for now ;) Can you ever really see to many food pictures?!?!?


Saturday was yoga, lots of core work, and push-ups.

Sunday more core work, and a 30 minute walk.

Felt nice to really move the legs though we have been loving our yoga time :)

Have another colonic session today, first one since the marathon.

Till next time,


The Twins


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