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Weekend & food

Posted May 27 2008 12:00am

Thrilling title I know, but that's about it!
Had a slammin' workout on saturday-legs (avoiding hammies though as my right one is still tight from all those splitz last weekend!) quads are still sore today from lots of hack squats saturday-love that! I'm working on endurance for my thighs as I realised at DI's during posing practice-holding those compulsory poses, (I'm usually on my left leg, with it slightly bent)-is super hard-and my quads are actually quite weak in the endurance department-so that is something I'm working on.

Went out to dinner last night to treat some friends that took care of Trix while we moved the boat. We went to a family owned Italian place....a little too greasy for our liking-so John and I were both jogging the hills this morning instead of just walking-LOL! Though I was surprised to see that I was lighter today than I had been the last couple of mornings-weighed in at 52.9k.

I figured out my bodyfat from when DI took my skinfolds last weekend by plugging the info into a website-I came out at 14.6%.

Other than that I'm prepping for my trip to the states. That will be the real challenge as most years I throw a bit of caution to the wind and drink and eat more liberally-but I've already warned everyone as I cannot go above 54K-would like to remain under 53.5 really-since the 12 week prep starts only days after I get back to Aus.
I've sussed out all the closest gyms so I should be able to still get about 3 weight sessions per week in-and I can jog at my parents house and my brothers house.

I just remembered a dream I had last night-that I had to compete like this week-and I got to the competition and realised that my hammy was still super tight-so I had do the splitz on the other leg and reverse the whole end of the routine....not a very exciting dream really-I imagine I'm going to continue to have these though-right now I get these "comp dreams" about every 2 weeks.
That's really about it from here!
Hope everyone is having a great week!

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