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Weekend Food: Coffee & Bananas

Posted May 30 2011 10:04pm

Thank you all for your wonderful comments from my last post! I read every single one more than once & loved them. It feels nice to share with each other our experiences because so many of us have gone through a similar thing. A lot of people don’t think “restrictive eating” is an eating disorder because it’s not as severe as anorexia, but it still involves very disordered thoughts towards food that need to be changed. I know a lot of us use blogging for recipes, re-fueling tips, and motivation towards healthy eating, and that’s awesome. I love all you blogging friends!

The kids races &  marathon I was helping with for my internship was this weekend, and I was busy all day for both of them (like 6 am to 7 pm!). That’s why I haven’t had time to read and comment on all your awesome blogs the past few days.

It was an awesome weekend, and I have so much more appreciation for what it takes to organize a marathon, expo, and other related events. It was a crazy few days of chopping thousands of orange slices, setting up a whole park, and watching speedsters finish. I didn’t have time to exercise purposely, but I sure got in a great workout carrying 20 lb water jugs, tons of boxes, and speed walking or sprinting all around the park. I was just as sore today as I am after a good strength training workout or long run.

I re-fueled my “all day workout” with lots of packed snacks and free food like Stonyfield yogurt (I got a whole case of honey organic greek yogurt!), chocolate soy milk, Great Harvest rolls, bananas, and a ton of orange slices. Oh, and tons of coffee (probably a bit too much) in my new coffee mug. Most of the time, I had coffee in one hand & a banana in the other.

That whole truck was filled with food…


I was in banana heaven just staring at the boxes of beautiful nanners.

It felt so nice to sleep in today, then my family and I headed out to our cabin on a lake to put our dock in. Putting the dock in involves going in the chilly water, but the mid-80s temps made me crave the cool water anyways.

When I got home, I noticed 4 ripe, brown, spotted bananas that were just begging to be used. I froze 2 of them, and turned the other two into Almond Butter Banana Bars from Fannetastic Food .

I followed her recipe exactly except for one small change. For the flour, I used 1/4 quinoa flour and 3/4 cup whole wheat pastry flour.

I just took them out of the oven, and they are soft, chewy, and delicious!

This was my first time baking with quinoa flour because I won it in a Hannah’s giveaway recently. I googled it for a few minutes, and everyone recommended to use it as a small portion of the flour because it has a strong flavor.

I’m going to pack one of these as a snack tomorrow, and hopefully it will double as a pick-me-up during work and being outside in the HOT sun and a pre-workout snack.

I’m hopefully checking out a new gym tomorrow or the next day to use for the summer. I have access to my university gym in the summer, but there aren’t many classes in the summer months. The YMCA I’ll probably join has a ton of classes, and it’s really close to my apartment! The best part: the $30/month student rate for access to the gym and all the classes. It’s much more affordable than most gyms!

They have Body Pump classes that I wanna check out because I’ve never been to one! They have a ton of other ones like spin, yoga, zumba, and one called Silver Foxes? I’m not really sure what that is.

How was your Memorial Day weekend?

Has anyone baked with quinoa flour before? Suggestions?

Any advice for Body Pump newbie?! I’m really excited but also not sure what to expect.

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