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Weekend Edition.

Posted Jan 23 2011 6:36pm

Started off wonderful and relaxing, with a trip to a VERY cold farmers’ market.  Only the few and the dedicated out there in freezing temps.

IMG_2788 (640x468)

This guy was giving out both breakfast pastries and hugs.  :)

IMG_2789 (640x474)

The pupsicles joined us on our freezing walk, and there was literally no one else out on the sidewalks.

IMG_2790 (473x640)

Home with coffee and farm fresh eggs, and bundled in about 12 different layers, including two hats and a hood.

IMG_2792 (479x640)

Which led to quite possibly the world’s best sandwich.

IMG_2793 (640x480)

Homemade hummus, cucumber, avocado, drippy eggs, and salt and pepper.  Need I say more?

IMG_2795 (640x480)

And that is when the relaxation ended and the chaos began…

IMG_6935 (640x424)

I had this great idea that we would flip flop the office and bedroom, not quite understanding the undertaking that I was getting myself into. 

IMG_6936 (640x427)

So last night I started ripping apart the rooms, scooting things around, and getting ready to tackle the big furniture items.

IMG_6937 (427x640)

I had no idea how much STUFF was in these two rooms until I started pulling it from every shelf, drawer, and corner.  Eventually I moved the piles off the bed so that we could crash for the night and recharge.

IMG_6938 (640x427)

And recharge we did – with a good night sleep and some delicious breakfast pancakes!

IMG_6940 (640x427)

But not just any pancakes – peanut butter and jelly pancakes…

IMG_6946 (640x427)

Oh yes.  It was as amazing as it sounds.

IMG_6947 (640x427)

And lord knows we needed all those carbs to prepare us for the afternoon ahead.

IMG_6951 (640x427)

Our glorious dining room table/office desk finally all cleared off.  I forgot how beautiful it was hiding underneath the tablecloth.

IMG_6952 (427x640)

Furniture disassembleage.

IMG_6953 (640x427)

Giant table replaced by giant mattress.

IMG_6954 (427x640)

Giant 400 pound (seriously) table finally on the 3rd floor in one piece.  My back however, might be in 20 pieces.

IMG_6955 (640x427)

And while we are by NO means anywhere close to done, it is starting to finally come together.  (That wall is not nearly that red in real life!)

IMG_6958 (640x427)

There was definitely a moment when we got everything moved and suddenly I announced, “I hate it.  We have to move it all back.”  Casey’s eyes about popped out of his head.  But now that things are getting into place I think I’m really going to like it.  Hoping to show you some “after” photos as soon as we get a little more settled!

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