September 10, 2011 · 3:00 pm

Remember when I Feng Shui’d my room?

Next up was our disaster of a pantry:

Oof. And going through everything? YUCK. It was one of those situations where things literally had not been thrown away in years. I found my fifth grade binder. And I won’t even talk about the food.

The first thing that I went through was our baking supplies. I spend my life baking bake pretty frequently so I like keeping things organized. In all aspects of food, I think this is very important. When you can see that it’s there and how much of it you have, you’ll know that you don’t need to go out and buy more, which in my house usually results in like five opened bags of the same thing, ultimately wasting a bunch as it goes stale.

My tip: buy and/or consolidate jars.

They’re cheap and allow everything to be visually at your disposal.

Hooray for organization!

Tip #2: Throw. Stuff. Away.

Sorry, nostalgia, but I really reeallllyyy don’t have any use for my 3rd grade math journal. TOSS IT.

And containers are a godsend!

Overall much cleaner and soooo much more space. Further proof that de-cluttering is essential to a stress-free and balanced life!

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