October 6, 2012 · 8:33 pm

As your resident DIY and candle (and currently, fall) junkie, it was only necessary to marry the three in a lovely, super easy project.

I have a pretty nice collection of different glass bottles and jars from throughout the past few years, that I use as vases and just as decoration on their own. The other day I was thinking about how pretty candles look when they drip down the sides of their holders, and this craft idea just came together in my head. So this morning, I swung by Pier One and picked up some cheap tapered candles and the farmer’s market for some beautiful bittersweet berries. 10 minutes later, all done!

Pretty Fall Votives

What you’ll need: a variety of glass jars, candles, and your choice of decoration. I recommend anything from acorns to pinecones to stones to something similar to the berries I got. Be creative! For Christmas, I’ll be doing pine needles. Also, some twine wrapped around the jars in different places adds a little something extra.

How to do it: fill the jars with your desired decoration, and then put the candle inside. If the neck of the jar is much wider than your candle (which I don’t recommend), I would use some candle adhesive to stick to the bottom so the candle won’t fall. Basically, you want to keep them as safe as possible! Wrap in twine, if using, and enjoy!

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