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Week Six Challenge – It’s Christmas Crunch Time!

Posted Dec 19 2011 1:16pm

It’s crunch time ladies and gents! Christmas Eve is this saturday and Christmas Day is this Sunday! (And if you don’t celebrate Christmas … New years is just another additional week away!) We have just under a week (or two for those non-xmas folks :-) ) to ROCK this week’s challenge! This week is all about assessing all of the work you’ve done in the past challenges and picking something that will truly make a difference in your physique and mental game, and utilizing the community we’re building here to stay accountable this week!

Even if you haven’t been a part of the challenge yet, this week is one you can do on it’s own!! You may not have the “research” done on yourself the others do, but you can still participate and get a lot out of it! Can’t wait to see the newbies comments :-)

In case you need to catch up with the first five weeks of the Holiday Accountability Challenges …

The first week we set out goals we had for ourselves. Week two added fitness logging (workout, food, emotions, hunger logging). Week three added increasing our water intake and logging where our water intake is daily. Week four assessed our sleep patterns and added increasing the hours we’re getting of recovery promoting sleep every night (or day for my night shift workers out there ;-) ). Week five encouraged you to shake it up in the gym and the kitchen to kick yourself out of any fitness rut you might have gotten stuck in. And now…

Week Six is here!!!! We’re going to look at all of our logs, and see what we’re lacking in, or where something seems to fall through the cracks. Is there a certain day or workout that you’re less than motivated to do? Is there a certain trigger food that you can’t seem to control your around? Is there a ceratin emotional trigger that throws you off your game? You’re going to find at least one food or workout “roadblock” you’ve noticed in doing all of your research on yourself (aka Weeks 1-5 of the Holiday Accountability Challenge) and while assessing your logs, and you’re going to cut it out or get past the roadblock every day this entire week before Christmas (and the next week too before New Years if you’re up for an even more intense challenge ;-) ). I KNOW you can do this!

You’re SO capable of doing this. Today, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. You can so rock this for five days! And maybe you’ll even challenge yourself to do it the next Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday before New Years. And before you know it …

Your actions will become habit. Your body will start reaching your milestones. Your mind will gain strength and your confidence will increase dramatically. You will feel better than you’ve ever felt. Ever. I KNOW you can do it!

Week Six Accountability Challenge Steps!

  1. Take a look at all of the research and logging you’ve done on yourself over the past five weeks.
  2. Pick one (or more!) trigger foods.
  3. Pick one (or more!) fitness “roadblocks.”
  4. Decide to TAKE THE CHALLENGE!
  5. Either post your food or roadblock on the Vanilla Bean Lean Facebook Page or in the comments below.
  6. Once you’ve written it and pushed “comment” or “send” – you’re committed. You’re committed to cutting out the trigger food for the week or hurling yourself past the roadblock this entire week. Or both!!

Commit yourself and keep yourself accountable through our community here. Take the challenge head on. Be proud of yourself. I know you know you’re worth it.

Let’s change one or two things we’re doing daily. Let’s use that as fuel for the fire, you can do it!


Let’s make good choices daily, let’s change ourselves choice by choice. Take it one decision at at time and remind yourself how worth it you are!


Coffee Talk!

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