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Week in Workouts

Posted Feb 22 2013 9:45am

Wow I haven’t done one of these in awhile, right? I assure you that I’ve still been working out and doing what I can. I just haven’t been the best at actually blogging lately. It happens ;)

So here’s what down this week in workouts.

I don’t know if I announced on here or not but I got a job as a yoga teacher and I start as soon as I’m finished with my training! Can’t wait!

Anyway, the perks of being a teacher includes free yoga so I decided to hit up a hot yoga class Monday night. It was a hamstring killa and I loved every sweaty, stinky, moment of it!

We had a pretty busy day so I squeezed in a WOD during Caleb’s nap. I used this website a lot with my first pregnancy when I couldn’t actually get to the gym. Some of the WODs are pretty scaled down so I try to stick to the advanced option. For Tuesday the WOD was:

Picture 2
And then Caleb and I ran 400m and walked 2 miles when he woke up.

It was a “rest day” on so Caleb and I decided to do a quick kettlebell workout in my garage ;) My friend Ashlee just got her first kettlebell set and she was texting me how fun and how hard it was so of course it inspired me to do my own workout ;)


Here’s what I did:

3 Rounds
20 KB Swings
20 KB Frog Squats
20 KB Clean and Jerks (each arm)

And then Caleb and I “wogged” 3 miles where afterwards I was inspired to write this post :)


Did another workout! Here’s what was prescribed:

Picture 3
I modified the burpees to pregnant burpees and used a #30lb dumbell at first, then scaled down to the #25. My upper body is wrecked!

I’ll be heading back to my second session of yoga teacher training tonight and since I know we’ll be doing a hot practice tonight, I’m resting up for everything tonight and for the next 10 days. We do a 2 hour session EVERY SINGLE DAY of the training. You would think I’d be all yoga’ed out…but I’m not at all actually. I’m stoked!

But consider all of the errands I have to run to prepare for the next 10 days my workout  ;)


So that’s this week in workouts! Lot’s of at home CrossFit WODS and short runs due to an extremely busy week. But I’ve promised myself that when I’m done with this training, I’ll return to my CrossFit gym…since we are shelling out some precious dough for it every month.

Speaking of CrossFit, I’m looking for a good box in the Vilseck/Grafenwoehr/Weiden area. Any recommendations? And if there aren’t any nearby, is there a group out there that WOD’s together at set times on post?

Have a great weekend folks! It’s about to get crazy up in here ;)

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