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Week 3 Yoga November

Posted Nov 21 2010 8:11pm

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: are grouped in one because I don't have much to report on except my limitations are exposing themselves! My left side is very tense and is restricting my postures. I have discovered though, the body is mulitfacited. What I mean by that is there is always a way you just have to figure it out. It might not be the route you think it is. That a lot of the limitations are in your mind, either you're pushing a cart uphill, not really paying attention to your body or holding onto "stuff" this is where the detox is taking effect. Letting go of "stuff", frees up the meridians/ nadi's (energetic pathways in the body), which has an effect on the physicality. Self- discovery asana style. Besides this, happier than ever! Even if my sister is showing signs of "Bridezilla". . .

Thursday: Totally ungrounded today because it was brought to my attention, the 'Food Safety Modernization Act'  an attempt at banning organic farming AND access to natural therapies and education in Europe. The link has the petition attached. If you value your rights to choose your own healthcare and your own NON GM food then please sign up and pass it on. Consequently, I felt pain in my back, plus the same niggly right hip flexor, which I had to work around. I made the time to "zen" and am using my HOMEOPATHIC anti-inflammatory for the pain- proudly! (in case you don't follow the link, they specifically want to ban homeopathy, herbs and nutritional supplements).
Besides that, looking at my salad and being grateful it is organic. Am starting to read an inspiring book " Authenticity Accelerator " by Robert Rabbin...

Friday: Ahh Friday again! I have a long day of clients, love my clients! Have I even mentioned that yet? I've been so caught up in my yogic transformation, I have never said just how much I appreciate these people. They are the reason I do, love, live and breathe my work. I thank each and every one of them : )
Another thing dawned on me, the silence consistent yoga practice is cultivating, brings much more clarity and confidence.

Saturday & Sunday: Totally sluggish from the yoga, feels like detox. Aches and pains, headaches, blah. Obviously the physical aspect of it is testing my body, muscles, ligaments but this feels deeper. Kefir making, organic shopping, yoga, sun, sister, reading, blogging, tree hugging and friend phone catch up. Just how I like it xx

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