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Wee little things

Posted Mar 14 2012 11:08pm

I have been bitten by the “look for baby-stuff on Craigslist” bug.  In fact, I seem to have been bitten by the even more general “look for stuff on Craigslist” bug.  I have done some serious damage in the past two weeks (including a new Pottery Barn bed and bedroom set).  My latest Craigslist purchase?  A stroller for Baby P.

As far as strollers go, S and I had a plan to get 3.

  1. An umbrella stroller for quick, easy, short trips (already got this on Freecycle)
  2. An every-day stroller for regular walks, trips to the store, etc.
  3. A jogging stroller

We had originally picked out this Graco stroller for #2 and put it on our registry.  However, after thinking about it some more we decided we would rather have one that came with an infant car seat option.  The benefits of this are:

  • We will have the infant car seat as a secondary one for our other car.  We have one on our registry (this Britax one) as our primary car seat and this one would just be secondary, in the other car.
  • We really wanted it moreso for the stroller because now we can have the baby facing us when it is young in the stroller, and then when it gets older we can use it without the car seat holder like a normal stroller for the baby to face forward.


So I found this one on Craigslist!



The stroller is used but seems like it still has a lot of life in it.  It is very sturdy and folds up easily with just one hand (although it is still quite big, even folded up!)  And we will have a good little infant seat and infant stroller to use while Baby P is just a little thing.



Speaking of little things…   When I was younger, my dad used to call me “Shrimp”.  Even when I got older, and I wasn’t really small anymore… I still got to be called “Shrimp”.  Maybe I will call Baby P “Shrimp”?  Who knows, maybe not.  It might be different for boys, they might not like to be nicknamed after something small.

Anywho, I picked up these from the store last week because they were on sale and looked intriguing.


Veggie Shrimp!  Put together in a bowl of… more veggies, hummus, shirataki noodles and cheese.




Overall, they were pretty good.  They tasted a little bit like that surimi (artificial crab meat) that is sometimes used to make crab salad or california rolls.  A little more dense and sweet than real shrimp.


The final verdict?  I would only buy these again if they were on sale.  I love real shrimp, and these are quite expensive at their regular price (I believe 3.99 or so for 2 small servings).  I’d rather invest in the real thing :)

I have also been snacking on another little thing:


Sorghum grain mini-pops that I picked up at Cost Plus World Market.  I got some butter flavor, and some white cheddar flavor.


These taste just like popcorn… only smaller.  So small, in fact, that I kinda thought they were annoying to eat.  When I eat popcorn, I can grab a few pieces at a time and shove them into my mouth.  But in order to get a good mouthful of these it’s tricky to round up a million of the small litter buggers.


I ended up dumping out handfuls at a time into my hand, and then scarfing them…


And then eventually just putting the bag to my mouth and pouring them in a mouthful at a time.  Oh well.

The verdict?  I probably won’t buy these again.  They were 99 cents for each single-serving bag, and I feel more satisfied after eating a less expensive bag of popcorn.  I also thought they didn’t have enough flavor – I could barely taste the cheesiness on the white cheddar.  And this girl needs her cheeeeeeeeeeeese.

What should I look for next on Craigslist?  Feed the addiction…

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