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Wednesday Workout: Back to the Gym

Posted Aug 22 2012 10:26pm

After many weeks of offering functional, core-strengthening, do-anywhere workouts that use little or no equipment, you might to ask yourself, “can I get that kind of a workout in the gym?” Lately, with crossfit, bootcamp, and other gym-free and outdoorsy workouts being all the rage, the idea of working out in a gym has come to sound almost old school. Well, today we’re going back to the gym for a super functional workout that is fast, fun, and will work all your major muscle groups, especially your core.

Because our time is so valuable, this workout will be done circuit style. However, if you’re in a busy gym and the odds of moving smoothly through a circuit workout are slim to none, feel free to change it up and do your sets of each exercise at one time with about 45 seconds between. Then move on to the next exercise.

Now, you may notice that even though we’re back in the gym I didn’t use a whole lot of machines, or even many weights. That’s because I really like workouts that use your body weight when possible. I also like dumbbells, because they make you work unilaterally, give you a wider range of motion than machines, and require you to use additional muscles to stabilize when performing many exercises. The cable machine has similar benefits, and allows you to perform functional movements that mimic day-to-day activities.

Do you work out in a gym? What is your favorite gym exercise?


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