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Wednesday Workout: Awesome Arms

Posted Sep 12 2012 5:32pm

Functional workouts are great. We do a lot of them here on Wednesday Workout. They work your entire body as a whole, to improve your fitness, strengthen your core, enhance your sport, prevent injury, and just make life more, well, do-able. Think of exercises like squats, push ups, burpees, and lunges, that work multiple muscles at once.

But sometimes it is useful and, well, fun, to put the spotlight on smaller exercises, really target individual muscle groups to specifically increase their strength and, let’s be honest, their appearance.

That’s what we’re doing today with this Awesome Arms workout. By doing these exercises which isolate your biceps, triceps, and deltoids, you can correct muscle imbalances, strengthen the individual muscles (which can improve your functional exercises), and get the cut you’ve been looking for.

Depending on your regular workout program, you can intersperse the Awesome Arms exercises into your regular mix, or do the whole Awesome Arm workout on its own once or twice a week. Remember to use weights that are heavy enough to allow 10-12 repetitions on the arm exercises, 12-15 reps on the shoulders. Move slowly and with good form.

And finally, remember that you can work your arms until they all off, but if you don’t eat right and burn some calories with some kind of cardio exercise, all that muscle tone will remain hidden.

What is your favorite arm-defining move?

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