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Wednesday Night Run Club

Posted Jan 21 2010 7:07am
Oh it's been soooooo long since I made it to Wednesday Night Run Club down at the store. But, after two unsuccessful solo runs due to poor stroller storage (aka forgetting the stroller in husband's car) it finally all came together. Yesterday afternoon I sent an email to my husband at work lamenting that I had forgotten to grab the stroller again and how I was totally going to fail at getting in my weekly runs if I kept on being so disorganized. This is the good part - he replied to say he'd be home early so that I could a) get the stroller or b) head down to the store for Run Club. Whatta guy!

So just like the old days, at 6:00 I headed upstairs to get my running clothes on. But, not like the old days, this time I passed Mike in the bathroom giving Marcus a bath (man it sounds like they have fun in there!). Anyhow, got dressed, got the water bottles from their shelf chilling in the fridge, donned the Garmin and off I went.

It was so good to see some familiar faces that I haven't seen yet since I started back in my clinic. They all wanted to know about Marcus and how is Mike (they miss him too at the store) and do I plan to start going longer distances again. Definitely! As soon as I can anyways.

The clinic I am in is a 5k clinic but we've already run 5k on some of our clinic nights so that's a bit weird. It's more like a "we like to run 5k" clinic as opposed to a "learn to run 5k" clinic, but that's alright. The leaders had a 5-ish km route planned for us last night but as we headed out, one of them talked about cutting it a bit short. As we got about halfway through however, the other leader seemed to have something different in mind because she didn't really follow the route and a few of us were kind of confused.

It was no big deal though because it felt like a great night for a run. It's been awhile since I ran in the dark and I've always found it kind of neat. It feels kind of peaceful to run on dark streets so I was enjoying that. The running was feeling pretty good, but it still kind of feels like 5k is kind of my limit for now. The first 3-4 km I feel really good (just out of shape) but around 4-5 km is when I feel like my hips, lower abdomen and everything in between starts fatigue. That's also when some of the hip pain I had when I first trained for an HM starts, so I think it's time I call up my friendly neighbourhood chiropractor and get me some ART.

So here's the finaly tally for last night's run:
  • Total distance: 5.35 km
  • Total time: 41:18
  • Average pace: 7:44 min/km

Yup back to the slower side, however, I should note that those numbers include time stopped at traffic lights. I had kind of forgotten that when you use Garmin`s workout mode to time intervals, it won`t also do auto stop when you`re standing still. I really wish those two features would work at the same time since I always run intervals and since the store is in a downtown area there are usually traffic lights at the start and end of our runs. I know I can manually stop the timer when I`m waiting, but I usually forget to start it again so that`s not a terribly reliable thing for me to do.

Anyhow, I give this run two thumbs up.

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