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Wednesday Night’s Tuesday Dinner

Posted Aug 16 2012 12:00am

I have a VERY special post for you today friends.  The man of the house has written a guest post just for YOU.  It’s been a heck of a long time since he wrote about chicken fingers that looked like Gonzo.  Or if you’re a long time reader you might remember him recommending that you dump an entire sleeve of saltines in cream of chicken soup before garnishing it with an almond.

Take it away Mr Leitch:

Tonight I finished my 24 hours of creating a potato rosemary pizza for dinner.  I’m sure Morgan has told everyone out there that with her in exams happening that I was charged with the task of basically keeping the two of us alive for two weeks.

Normally Morgan does a pretty bang up job of keeping me alive.  She can drop the ball sometimes on meeting ice cream expectations or cookie consumption, but all in all I have to a hand it to her she does a great job looking after the two of us.

I say 24 hours of pizza because originally this was supposed to be Tuesday night’s dinner and I happened to read the recipe wrong.  I thought it was going to take about 30 minutes for the dough to rise for the crust when it was actually two hours.  I had to wait and then I had to punch it and then I had to wait another hour.  So while I was working on the dough last night Morgan went and got us a cheese pizza.

Here it is, for first go it wasn’t too bad.

I think I would maybe cook it a bit less but that’s just kind of not knowing our oven.  And I precooked the potatoes because I got paranoid about them being cooked all the way through.  I didn’t have a mandolin to cut the potato so it’s kind of like potato wedges sitting on a crust.

Feast your eyes on some some food pics of the pizza.

In the comment section let me know if there’s maybe any other pro tips out there for making homemade pizza.  So thank you and good day.

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