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Wednesday Morning Hike

Posted Feb 15 2012 11:55am
After Casey got home from work, the two of us took Zeke out for a nice long Wednesday morning hike along the Thames Valley Parkway. With such mild temperatures today and snow still on the ground, it made for a very beautiful hike!

Zeke was more than happy to explore the trails, watch the ducks swim by, and search for squirrels.

We even saw a school of huge fish in one of the streams that ran under the path. You can see them in the middle of the picture in between the two tree reflections. Strange!

After about an hour of hiking, we headed back to the apartment. Our bellies were grumbling and we were all ready for breakfast/lunch! I made myself some asparagus with sea salt and tuna salad using a can of flaked white tuna in water, a bit of light mayonnaise, and diced dill pickles.

The tuna salad was delicious and extremely filling! The pickles added a really nice tangy crunch to the tuna.

The asparagus, on the other hand, was a bit old and bitter. I think I left it a bit too long in the fridge before cooking it up. I ate about half of this portion before tossing it.

I wasn't too disappointed because I was really full from the tuna salad! I probably wouldn't have been able to finish all of the asparagus anyway.

I have an evening shift after the After School Program tonight, so dinner likely won't be anything special. I'll bring lots of healthy snacks to munch on between jobs and during my evening shift. Always better to overprepare than underprepare...better safe than sorry!
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