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Wedding Weekend & TRX

Posted Sep 07 2011 12:58pm

Hi everyone! Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth for the past couple days. I unexpectedly had Friday off from work which was a welcome surprise! Then Friday afternoon – Sunday revolved around wedding festivities since my hubby was in a wedding this past Sunday. And Monday we both had off from work and just spent the day together relaxing and enjoying each others company…it was a perfect Labor Day holiday for us :)

First I want to start off by saying how much it warmed my heart reading the amazing comments I received from all you lovely ladies. This is such a fantastic, supportive community that I’m so happy to be a part of…I can’t thank you enough for how amazing you all are and your words mean so very much to me, thank you :)

I’m disappointed to say that I don’t have many pictures to document what a glorious weekend we had since I’m pretty camera shy around people I don’t know, but I did capture some pics of the wedding, the hubby, and the gorgeous bride and groom. And let me preface this by saying I am the worst action photo taker ever…give me still life and I’m fine…but action shots…notsoverymuch

Congrats Mr. and Mrs!!!

Bridal party…I loved the red and white colors of her wedding, so romantical :)

Here’s the handsome hubby in his tux, and this lovely lady and I got along real well and had a blast chit-chatting with one another…

It was a fun weekend but hubby and I were definitely donezo with the nonstop chit chat and small talk with people we didn’t know…for me that kind of socializing can start to get exhausting…but all in all, it was a beautiful, fun wedding, and it warmed my heart to see the joy and love between the bride and groom :)

Food-wise this past weekend was a doozy filled with delicious pasta, cookies, pizza, chips & dip, wedding cake, and other glorious goodies so I was more than ready to get a good workout in this morning and follow it up with an ice cold smoothie.

For fall our gym’s workout schedule has changed and my most favorite Bootcamp class is kaput which is a big bummer to me, but at the same time I’m excited for a switch and new workouts to add to my routine to avoid those dreaded plateaus. So instead of Ab class (which they nixed too! :( ) and Bootcamp, it’s instead a TRX class.

Do you know what TRX is? You can read more about it here and you may have seen the interesting contraption hanging around at your gym…it’s basically a portable bodyweight training tool that helps build muscle, increase flexibility and tighten your core. Here’s what it looks like… (source)

And here’s a great video of an example of the exercise moves we performed in class…

It was a great workout and I’m excited to incorporate new movements into my workouts to better supplement my strength training routine…and it won’t hurt in it helping to build some lean body mass…sexy muscles is where it’s at ;)

After a strength workout like today’s I always like to get in a good source of protein and I was excited to try this Vega Protein Powder that I happened to win through a giveaway hosted by the lovely Laury from The Fitness Dish

Along with the powder I added 2 cups Almond Milk, 1/2 frozen banana, and a scoop of PB2 with a spinkle of chia seeds…

It was delish and I’m so happy I finally got to try it, thanks so much Laury ! :)

Hope you’re all having a great day so far and I’ll see you tomorrow! Can you believe it’s almost already Thursday?! Whoo hoo to short weeks! :)

Have you been to any weddings this year? What were your wedding colors? Is it exhausting or fun for you to make small talk at social events? Have you ever used TRX before?

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