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Wedding Planning 101 with Newlymeds

Posted Oct 20 2011 10:34pm

Ok, so as promised in my last check in with Newlymeds (on where Kelly’s snacking habits are at these days ), we are back with some pre-wedding advice to help you get organized and get healthy before the big day. We came up with a basic 1-year plan for the bride-to-be but of course, if you have less time, it’s totally possible to pull it off.  So while we can’t promise to take care of all of your stresses (cough cough, family), we can give you some advice to get you organized and to make you look and feel your best.

(K & Dr J’s wedding – how amazing is this?! )

Ok, so you are getting married (ah!)…
> 12 Months
K: The first thing you need to do is make your guest list.  You need to do this before you look at venues so you can plan appropriately!   This is the first challenge in the planning process because you and fiancé AND your families have to work together.  But I promise you can do it!.
- Begin the registration process.  It is fun newly engaged activity.  What
are you supposed to buy?  Frankly I had NO idea but was guided in the right direction.  (I just may have to do another post with some advice for registering)

C: Think, you’re about to start the rest of your life. Make a commitment to yourself and your future-hubby to treat your body well and to quit terrible deprivation diets for good. A year is a long time, and you can make a LOT of changes happen.
- On the registration note, register for some healthy appliances! Ask for things that will get you excited to spend a little time in the kitchen, and make that time easier. Like there is this blender, the vitamix , that makes instant soups from veggies.  And skip the deep fryers please.

11 Months
K: Choose the venue based on the number of guests you can expect and your vision
- Plan accommodations for out of town guests

C: So as you’re tweaking your guest list, make a goals list. Are you trying to lose weight? Tone up? What’s realistic, and what do you need to make it happen?

10 Months
K: Book the band: One thing I learned from my wedding planning days is a band totally makes a party.  Another Newlymed note is to go over a song list with the band.  You can give them your favorites and make sure they know them and a “do not play list”  I don’t know about you but I could go without hearing “Brick House” one more time.
- Reserve your florist

C: Thanks for getting Brick House stuck in my head, ha.
- Take on eating more real food, starting with your apartment/house. Feng Shui your kitchen and clear out anything expired, and equally important, all of the diety, chemical-filled crap. Check out ingredient labels  on your kitchen staples and toss anything that sounds freaky.

9 Months
K: Pick out photographer & videographer
- Order wedding book.  What is a wedding book you ask?  It is the book where you guests sign in and you can keep other little memories in it as well.

C: Get moving! It’s time to get on an exercise plan. If working out is not your thing, recruit friends and find new activities going on in your city. Spinning, tennis and boot camp with attractive instructors (for your friends, obviously) are great for those of us that need some serious encouragement.

8 Months
K: Pick out and order THE DRESS
Go ahead and order the shoes too.
If you are sending at Save the Date, now would be a good time to do so.

C: Now that you have the dress, you know specifically what you want to work on. This is a great time to hire a nutritionist and/or trainer to get you on the right path.

7 Months
K: Time for a hair trial.  The earlier the better and why not do your makeup while you are at it.  Schedule it for a day where you will be in your hair and makeup for 8+ hours because you will be made up for at least that long on your wedding day.

C: Get in control of your restaurant habits. If you eat out often and aren’t a conscious orderer and eater, it can be a major reason why you’re not losing weight. Things to watch out for: you only have one piece of bread but it’s the size of 3, not accounting for the number of times your waiter refilled your wine glass, and those seemingly harmless sauces and dressings that are hidden calorie bombs.

6 Months
K: Order your invitations. Even though you won’t be sending out your invites for another four months, you need to place your order soon. Find an invite that matches your wedding style and your personalities!
- Start to think about transportation for yourself and your guests for the wedding weekend

C: Remember that goals list? Check back in at the 6 month mark. What’s been successful, and what could use some work?
- Do not start skipping meals to make up for any lost time! It will totally backfire.  Instead, focus on tweaking your typical routine by adding healthier things in, like a veggie soup with lunch or salad + vegetable every night at dinner. By adding in rather than taking out, you wont feel deprived, but you’ll eat less.

5 Months:
K: Find the perfect formal wear.
- Start working on your outfits for your other wedding weekend functions.
- Choose cake and go for a tasting.  This is definitely worth breaking the wedding diet for!

C: Ah the tastings… Why not give your guests some healthy options?  Less is more on fried apps.  Your guests don’t want greasy fingers anyway.

4 Months
K: Book the honeymoon-oh la la

C: Your bridal shower and bachelorette party are probably coming up, and you’ll likely receive some (minimal) honeymoon-friendly apparel. What’s better motivation than that to stay on track with your pre-wedding plan?

3 Months
K: Pick out and order wedding bands
- I am all about tradition, so figure out what is going to be your something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new.

C: OK it’s time to get serious. Cut out as much of the processed food as possible.  People generally have a few days of not feeling great when cutting sugary junk out, so the sooner the better. You will feel amazing after a week, I promise you.

2 Months
K: Mail out Invitations.  Hopefully you have some nice friends to assist you in the stuffing and stamping process!  Hand deliver them to the post office and have them hand cancelled.  This way they don’t go through a machine and end up with blank ink all over them.
- Finalize your menu and schedule a tasting.
- Take bridal portraits.  This is one of my fave recommendations  for brides to be.  It is good practice to put on the dress, get your hair and makeup done and see how you feel.  It is like a trial run for your big day and a great keepsake for the future.

C: Ok, you’ve been celebrating for 10 months now, it’s time to cut back majorly on the drinking and restauranting.  Make water and tea your drinks of choice, your skin will majorly thank you.
- When it comes to tasting the menu, keep in mind that you can take a bite of everything without having to polish off the creme brule!

1 Month:
K: Apply for marriage license, call the slackers that haven’t RSVPed and start working on your table assignments.

C: Eek! It’s almost here. If you still have a few pounds you’re trying to lose, the best way to do it is by really focusing on veggies and protein in your diet. This doesn’t mean cut out all carbs, and certainly not all fat either. You don’t want to be totally grouchy and have low energy in the weeks leading up to your wedding, right? Right.  So make sure you still include fruit, beans/hummus and some grains like brown rice and quinoa.
- Chill with the salt, especially in the week before the wedding.

(My sister & her hubby getting hitched. I’m biased but it was beyond beautiful.)

K: Enjoy!  Be relaxed, take it all in and have the time of your life!  With the tips you will be well-organized and feeling fit (and hopefully not starving!)
C: and don’t forget to eat something at the wedding… no one wants a too-tipsy bride!

So tell us, what was/is/would be the biggest challenge when planning your wedding?  Any essentials we missed?

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