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Wedding: Getting Ready and The First Look

Posted Jan 09 2014 12:00am

Wedding posts. I’m sure some of you love them and some of you hate them.  I get it!  I love weddings and still can’t read enough about them.  However, there are plenty of topics out there that I don’t relate to and just glaze over while I’m reading.

I wasn’t sure how to approach my wedding as it was months ago now,  so it’s old news, but I finally got my pictures back.  I think I’ve decided to go a few posts, maybe 3 or 4 about the wedding, but not write about every little detail, as I’m sure no cares as much about my wedding as I do.  I’ll try to pick the topics that I appreciated the most from other bloggers. But if you do have questions, feel free to ask!

All right.  Here we go!

One of the things that I was looking forward to the most about my wedding day, was getting ready with my girls!  I knew they would keep me calm and make the time before the first look fly by.

To take a step back, something truly magical happened during the course of my wedding planning.  My bridesmaids, who for the most part didn’t know each other before the planning began, became really really good friends.  I never expected it to happen, but suddenly, we had a gang full of brilliant, sexy, talented and industries  besties and it was the greatest thing ever!

Since I never posted about it, here are my best girls at my Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed shower:


Minus Ashley, who was in Geneva.  They also threw me a killer bachelorette with a workout at Uplift , dinner at Stanton Socia l and drinks and dancing at Ward 3.  But let me stay on topic….back to getting ready

After begging and pleading and bribing the lovely hotel contact, I managed to wind up with the best bridal suite in the place.  There were 4 other weddings and a conference happening that weekend, so this was not small feat. While it wasn’t as charming as some of the beautiful bed and breakfast suites I considered, it was super functional and practical, since almost everyone in the bridal party was staying at the Saratoga Hilton. I had the suite stocked with everyone’s preferred snacks and a 2 hour getting ready playlist that I had solicited ideas for.  My dad graciously got us huge platters of veggies, fruit and sandwiches, so no one was going hunger on my watch.  I’m italian, feeding people is in my blood.

Here we are in the midst of primping and pampering…



I wish I could get my hair and make up done everyday…I’d look so much better! You’ll see in the collage below my panicked call for hair advice from the girls! I can never tell what looks good on me!

PicMonkey Collage


I have to give a shout out to the A and Co. Salon team.  They rocked it out for us.  Honestly, everyone looked awesome!  The make up was super flattering and hair styles were amazing. If you remember way back from my hair and make up trial post , this was place #3, which many of you voted for!


The morning of a wedding is really a whirl activity with personal flowers arriving, last minute questions from the day of coordinator, hair and make up, greeting the photogs, etc.

Then of course there is the whole getting dressed thing. My   Tara Keely dress seemed super low key, but even a simple dress takes a while to get into!

Giovinazzo_0092 Giovinazzo_0113 Giovinazzo_0123 Giovinazzo_0124 Giovinazzo_0126 Giovinazzo_0147


Phew, and then it was time to get on with the first look! I love the photo below because it proves that it takes an army. I  love those girls for carrying my 5 million bags and “emergency” items.


I was so excited for the first look, but I had to be patient and hang out in the limo for a bit while everything got set up.


The first look was easily the best moment of the day and one of the best of my life.  It was incredible.  Originally, we really didn’t want to do a first look, but with the innumerable logistics involved, it just had to be.  In the end, we were both elated that we had made the choice to go with the first look.

Giovinazzo_0286 Giovinazzo_0288 Giovinazzo_0293 Giovinazzo_0295 Giovinazzo_0298 Giovinazzo_0300 Giovinazzo_0304 Giovinazzo_0307 Giovinazzo_0313 Giovinazzo_0318



After we had our “romantic session,” we did lots of portraits…



The guys are wearing tuxes from Joseph Bank.  The flower girls are wearing the Alfred Angelo Disney Princess collection dresses, although we swapped out the petals in the skirt and replaced them with colors that matched the bouquets. Giovinazzo_0410

The ladies are wearing Alfred Sung dresses in black dupioni.

We arranged to do some photos at the Congress Park Carousel.  I think it was fun for the whole bridal party.



After a few more photos, it really was time to get married, so everyone boarded the trolley while my parents and I hoped in the limo.  See you soon for the ceremony/reception recap.

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