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Wedding details

Posted Oct 16 2012 5:49pm

Hello pumpkins!

I should probably explain this whole “wedding in 10 weeks”.

It started out like this: K proposed back in March. We immediately started discussing when we would get married. We both knew there was a high probability of a deployment in the near future. We decided to ‘legally’ marry on Oct 11, 2012 and have a wedding with our friends and family on Oct 11, 2014.

Oct 11, 2012 was more of  ”if anything were to happen, I want to be able to say I married my best friend”. We agreed to that. And it stuck for awhile….

Then our parents wanted to have dinner, a cake, a photographer, invite more “close family members”, save the dates, cards, etc. So I started to plan a dinner for immediate family only – except immediate family seemed to grow more and more. All I heard was “If you invite so and so you have to invite them”. By the time July came around we had accumulated 25 people maybe more. I became overwhelmed. Prices were adding up and it was becoming a hassle.

K was away at training and I called him one night crying and told him I can’t do this again. Only one wedding. He said “Whatever you want hun” (that’s how I know he’s a keeper ;) )

The next day I went out to pick out a wedding dress.  I grabbed 6 dresses off the sale rack and chose one of those 6 dresses.

(Side note: This was post wedding exhaustion)

This was my dress on sale. Simple and elegant. As of right now I only have iPhone pictures from other people.

Luckily K and I have a group of friends who all know each other in some twisted way or another and kept the family numbers down too. We had a total of 60 people at a backyard wedding.

My mom planned most of it for me in 10 weeks. She was my wedding planner and did a fantastic job. I could not have done this without help that is for sure!

Most people commented on the cute wedding date 10-11-12 but we actually had a good reason for why we were married on a Thursday. Oct 11, 2014 fell on a Saturday which was our original plan. Clearly it fell through and now we just have one wedding with one cute date that neither of us will be able to forget ;) I will have better pictures and more detail in the near future! (Or whenever the photographer gets the photos out !)

I’ll be coming back with more of an update on life shennanigans later in the week!


What’s your ideal wedding dress?

What season would you want to or did you get married in?


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