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We Shouldn’t Be Last

Posted Jan 28 2013 10:10am

Dangerous Diet According to this article by Dr. Mercola Americans are less healthy and die earlier than people in other developed nations. In fact in a comparison of 17 affluent nations we come in dead last!

How can that possibly be?

It seems impossible but in my opinion too many of us are more concerned with superficial things than providing the best food for health. I’ve had people much more willing to buy the latest video game for their children and balk at spending a little more on organic and higher quality food! Ladies will you shell out $150 on the latest anti-aging cream but cut corners on nutritious foods? And make no mistake, nutrition is the #1 influence on health followed by exercise and toxicity.

What’s the problem with putting all your focus on making money (which we all need to live – no argument there) and enjoying your life? Nothing – except working long hours or multiple jobs, eating any fast or packaged food on the run, neglecting to exercise and allowing all the toxins from the antibiotics, chemicals and hormones in those foods to build up in your body results in you getting old and sick well before your time.

The article goes into detail about the reasons so I won’t repeat them. The fact that our food supply is so compromised is what I consider the foundational problem. Nutrition – good, balanced meals prepared properly from nutrient-dense, real, whole foods – is the primary building block to living a long, healthy life. It isn’t the whole story , but it is the major piece of the puzzle. By buying organic, you can dramatically reduce your exposure to pesticides, hormones, artificial additives and antibiotics, such as those which are used on nearly all GE crops and in conventionally raised cattle .

That one step alone will go a long way to improving your health and longevity.

Are you willing to spend a little more to get the healthiest food you can? Do you think you and your family are worth the extra effort and money?

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