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We'll miss you Hopie

Posted Mar 28 2009 4:01pm
Oh tonight sucked. We have a very old kitty named Hope - affectionately referred to as Hopie or Hopie the Ween (short for weiner). We estimate she was about 15 yrs old and about 18 months ago they told us she only had 6 months to live. Well, she beat the odds and kept on ticking, but this past week we noticed her going downhill. She was losing her sight, her arthritis was getting bad, she had a bad heart and it all seemed to be taking its toll.

This afternoon we noticed she was acting really strange and that she couldn't move her legs properly and she seemed really confused. She couldn't hold her head up at all and just laid awkwardly on the floor, unable to move. We watched her for awhile and it was breaking our hearts so we decided to take her to the vet. He confirmed it was pretty bad and thought she had likely suffered a stroke since she had so little control. We all decided it was best to put her down.

She had a good long life and was the sweetest kitty I've ever known. It was so sad bringing her box home empty tonight and we'll miss her dearly. We know she's better off, but that doesn't help the house from feeling so empty. We're pretty sad around here tonight but hopefully she's feeling better now wherever she is.

Love you Hopie. We'll miss you Sweetie.
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