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We Bought a Bright Green Chair

Posted Nov 12 2012 9:26am
Saturday's Workout Results:
Yoga: 1 Hour Class (Delicious! With my extraordinary Teacher, to boot!)
Run: Didn't happen. ( My ESP is slipping. )

In my defense, Saturday's run didn't happen because running after practicing yoga alters the earth's gravitational pull, causing the molecular structure of the atom to breakdown, releasing poisonous gas into the stratosphere, turning us all into spiders. In layman's terms, you're welcome. 

Instead we bought a bright green chair. It looks like my grandma saved it, just for us, straight from the 60s or 70s. Does that fit into the art deco era or am I completely lost as usual? My style junkies will set me straight, I'm sure of it. 
I'm unsure why it's hiding its true bright-greeness from the camera. Couldn't be my amazing photography skills. 
I like our bright green chair. AND, it reclines! If you weren't jealous before you are now.
We also went for a jog at a local park on Sunday. Five miles of unforgiving mountains rolling hills in 60 degree weather. Sounds lovely until you add a couple sides Mother Nature dished up specifically for us:

1. 27 mph winds and 39 mph wind gusts. Think... A Wall of Wind. No, no... A Brick Wall of Wind.
2. Rain for the last 1.5 miles. Because the Brick Wall of Wind wasn't enough.  

I wish I could say we didn't check  first. 

p.s. AHL WILL HAVE YOGA VIDEOS TODAY! They will need to be under 10 minutes for now but I'm working on that too... 

When I say "Steffi's" you say "Awesome!!" 

My, I really don't want to work out, Workout Session Today:
Run: 3 miles (Pace: Moderate, it's getting chilly. I need to give my lungs a chance to acclimate.)
Lift: Ahem, what? Yes, I'm taking my scrawny arms down to our dungeon basement to introduce them to their biceps, forearms, triceps, and deltoids. It's sure to be a party. 
I'll of course be using the weights for near the top bottom of the rack.

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