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We Are Proud Americans

Posted Jan 24 2010 6:34am
We are proud Americans!  We are proud to be Americans!  We are not ashamed of our country!  We cherish and value our constitution, democratic heritage, values and country.  We are proud of the American people, who have actively expressed ourselves throughout the last few years. 

Our courageous determination to confront our government regarding the government's insensitivity to the interests of the American public was recognized by Scott Brown.  Scott Brown is not the hero, although he must be recognized for his willingness to listen and represent the American public.  This is what we want in our elected officials.

The hero is the American public.  We focused, we have acted and we are celebrating our successes!  We are taking back our power!  We are not blindly dependent upon our elected officials anymore.  No longer can we assume that our representatives are doing what is best for America and the American public. 

We are accountable for whom we elect.  We will hold those whom we elect accountable for representing us.  We now know that we have to be on guard, aware, critically evaluating, and actively communicating our beliefs and opinions to those who are elected to represent us and govern us.

We are willing to do whatever is necessary as American people in order to ensure that the American public is represented in Congress, governmental agencies and the White House.  We understand that we can no longer be complacent.

We must be willing to continue the fight until we get rid of all of the representatives, policies and governmental decisions that defiantly reject the will of the people.  We must continue the fight to be Americans and reject the arrogant who believe we are not smart enough to know what we want and, therefore, want to tell us what is best for us.

Michelle Obama has been criticized for her statement for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback".  She was criticized for saying that it was the "first time" she was proud of her country.  I disagree with her "first time" statement, but I agree with much of what she said .

Today, I agree with Michelle's statement "it feels like hope is finally making a comeback".  Michelle Obama also stated "People in this country are ready for change and hungry for a different kind of politics".  This statement is true today. 

The change we want is not a change in political party.  It is not a matter of Democrats versus Republicans.  We want our elected officials to continue to listen to us after they are like elected.  We want our opinions to be valued.  We want our elected officials to not violate the Constitution.  We want to be free!

Remember, We Live within the Government Created by Our Choices!

Dr. Hal

Life and Mental Fitness Coach

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