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We’re Moving! And more news…

Posted Feb 16 2012 9:00am

moving truckOk, folks, this is it! Time to say goodbye to this website and pack up the moving boxes. Next week is the official launch of the new site!

I’m currently typing madly, working out last-minute kinks, and otherwise frenziedly (yet with an underlying Zen-like calm, I’m sure) dashing around in preparation.

If you’re imagining me in mismatched yoga pants and sweatshirt, hair in a haphazard, utilitarian ponytail, and a dazed look on my face, you’ve probably got it about right.

There is one other thing…

I also have a round pooch to my belly. I’m proud to announce that on August 15, 2012 (or thereabouts), I’ll be giving birth to a baby, and this one won’t be a website. This one will be much noisier, I imagine.

So yes, for some reason, I have piled everything into the same time frame. First-trimester “morning sickness” (a big misnomer – more like “all day sickness”), writing a book, getting a website put together, running numerous coach trainings, and probably many other things I’ve forgotten in my pregnant fog.

It is all so worth it, though, because when we pull up the moving van to the new website, you are going to LOVE it!

Are you excited? Are you ready to participate? Well, you’re invited!

Here’s how you can join in on all the fun!

1)     Watch your email inbox. I’ll be announcing the new website as soon as it’s ready on Wednesday, February 22nd! Anyone on the email list will get the news asap!

2)     Get ready to download the fabulous new ebook series, Hear Your Soul, Heal Yourself! (Don’t worry, you’ll get instructions.)

3)     Join me on Facebook! On February 22, I’m opening up a new Facebook page just for anamsong. The goal? To create an online community where we can converse about tuning into inner wisdom from your soul, building your coaching practice, relieving stress, gaining confidence, and relieving physical pain. I’ll be posting mind-body tips and tricks, and I hope you’ll join in the conversation.

4)     Party On! On February 29th at 2 pm PT/3 pm MT/4 pm CT/5 pm ET, I’m hosting a Facebook party on the new anamsong Facebook page! Join me for an hour of free giveaways (virtual prize drawings!!) and Q and A with me about topics like stress and pain relief, business success, body image, or any topic you so desire! Ask me anything – for you, or about my experiences with pain and stress relief, business success, etc. Details will be out when the new Facebook page opens up on the 22nd.

5)     Spread the word! Invite your friends to join in on Facebook, to read the Hear Your Soul, Heal Yourself ebook series with you, and anything else you’d like to do together around the new material. I’m hoping to create community and connection around the soul song concept!

And now, for a few thank-yous! This kind of business growth does not happen without a fantastic, incredible team. Nor does being a sick, pregnant, expectant mommy!

Thanks to Jessica Steward, CEO extraordinaire! I’d be hiding under my desk if it weren’t for her! For things too numerous to mention, but include reading copy until her eyeballs fell out, reading thousands of emails from me, and enduring Skype meetings while I was in above-mentioned mis-matched clothing and very nauseous.

Thanks to Bridgette Boudreau , for unfailing friendship and support, especially in those moments where I was sure everything I created really sucked.

Thanks to Beth Dargis , for fantastic VA work that keeps this business running like clockwork!

Thanks to Scott Steidley , for a reliable artistic eye, technology genius, fabulous photography, and husbandly hugs when it all seemed overwhelming. And for noticing when dinner was boiling over on the stove, things in the oven were catching fire, and other such important details. And for being a proud soon-to-be-dad.

Thanks to Janet Pashleigh and Delaine Ulmer for beautiful design work.

Thanks to Sara Bray and team for the best website design I could have possibly imagined.

Thanks to all my Endorsed Mind-Body Coaches and coaches-in-training for your enthusiasm in trying out new ideas with me, giving feedback, and being fabulous coaches to whom I can refer clients when completely over-booked.

And, as always, thanks to Mom. Aka Willie Moyle. For artistic input, constant encouragement, and support beyond measure (including cooking delicious meals!). And Dad, aka Jerry Moyle, for being a willing test case for many of the new materials, incredibly helpful feedback, for also cooking delicious meals, and for baking homemade bread.

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