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Water water everywhere...

Posted Feb 22 2012 12:42pm
I've always been pretty good about drinking water. Even in high school, I used to carry my water bottle with me to class - that is, before water bottles were exiled due to concern over what students were actually bringing in them (I promise I went to a good school!!)

But there are some days where I just don't feel like guzzling water. I usually force myself to finish a glass or two before I leave for babysitting, and then I lug my trusty Camelback with me to drink during the carpool line. I want to be the person who wakes up craving water, but I'm usually the person who wakes up craving coffee. And breakfast.

Especially now that I've increased my running , it is even more important to stay hydrated throughout the day! Doctors recommend drinking eight full glasses of water a day to ensure proper hydration. And boy, can I tell when I haven't met this! Not only do I feel sluggish and tired, but sometimes I'm even more hungry - or at least I think I am, when actually I'm just thirsty. Water helps promote healthy functioning for all of your body systems, from flushing toxins to carrying important nutrients to your cells. Basically, every single thing in your body depends on water.

I've tried lots of ways to make sure that I stay hydrated. I discovered coconut water, which I love for replenishing lost electrolytes and fluids after a hard run, but it has too much sugar to replace water completely. Then I fell in love with sparkling water, for its fun flavors and fizziness, but it is too expensive and potentially bad for your teeth when consumed in mass quantities due to the carbonation and slight acidity.

So I was back to square one, facing down a big bottle of plain tap water. Until this morning that is, when I woke up actually excited to drink my water! That's because I added a little pizazz, which went a long way. Now, instead of chugging my water with a grimace, I've spent the morning sipping it slowly. If I just close my eyes, I can picture myself somewhere tropical...I wish.

Minty cucumber spa water

Prep time: 5 minutesCook time: None! Just needs to steep unattended overnight  Ingredients2 liters of pure water (doesn't need to be fancy - tap water works just fine)1/2 medium cucumber, sliced1/2 lemon, sliced6-8 mint leaves
  •  Pour the water into a large pitcher. Add the sliced cucumber, lemon and mint leaves.
  • Let steep in the refrigerator overnight. Pour into a festive glass, and enjoy your new found love of hydration!
  • I'm already dreaming up new combinations of things to add in my head: grapefruit+mint, strawberry+kiwi, lemon+lime...the possibilities are endless. My nighttime ritual is definitely going to include making a new pitcher of water to enjoy the next day!
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